Sonic Forces: Amy, Knuckles, Chaotix Members Confirmed as NPCs

Sonic Forces: Amy, Knuckles, Chaotix Members Confirmed as NPCs

by March 17, 2017

While most of the gaming public’s view of Sonic Forces so far has been limited to a 30 second snippet first recorded by TSSZ’s Noah Copeland at SXSW yesterday and released cleanly today, other media outlets have gotten a much closer look at the next 3D Sonic.

One of those outlets, GameInformer, revealed today they’ve seen the stage the rest of us have in full, and that we will at least hear some of Sonic’s friends in Forces right out of the gate:

Throughout the rest of the stage, I see several familiar elements from the Sonic series, including grind-rails, ziplines, and boosters. As the level progresses, side-characters like Knuckles, Amy, and some members of the Chaotix communicate with Sonic via radio as if to report in on what they’re seeing during the assault. Sega tells us that though these characters are present in the game, they are not playable.

GameInformer also notes that, like in Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, the Modern Sonic gameplay will occasionally switch to a side-scrolling view.

We expect to see more details on Sonic Forces today through other media previews, and we will relay anything pertinent here.