Shun Nakamura On Sonic Forces Story: “The World Was Conquered By Eggman, So What Was Sonic Doing ‘Till Then?”

Shun Nakamura On Sonic Forces Story: “The World Was Conquered By Eggman, So What Was Sonic Doing ‘Till Then?”

by March 18, 2017 35 comments

We already knew that the story of Sonic Forces involved Eggman succeeding and Sonic failing. And we also knew that there would be multiple “forces” that would be battling for the planet, which include Eggman and his army, Sonic and his friends, and then some unknown forces. However, we don’t know how all this came to be. According to Shun Nakamura, the game’s producer, he tweeted out the following snippet: “the world was conquered by Eggman, so what was Sonic doing until then?”

That, we don’t know. But now we know that Sonic’s whereabouts play some kind of role in what led to the events of Sonic Forces.

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  1. Raw
    #1 Raw 20 March, 2017, 11:11

    So the whole world was conquered by Eggman, that would mean Sonic was either stuck in another completely different world or as some point out he was stuck in another time, the latter seems more unlikely though as he is receiving help from his friends (or at least radio support lol) so if the future was rewritten without him in it his friends wouldn’t recognize him or wouldn’t be willing to help him so eagerly.

    This definitely feels a lot like the Sonic Chronicles cliffhanger, maybe Sonic Team took some of the scrapped ideas from the cancelled sequel, there are a lot of possible directions this plot could go though I can’t shake off the feeling that Blaze, Silver and Eggman Nega are involved in the story.

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    • RobotHobo64
      RobotHobo64 20 March, 2017, 13:57

      Actually, if you look closely on the gameplay footage, the Egg Pawns we see Sonic attcking in the city seem to be of a different color scheme than the usual orange/yellow with blue eyes. So that theory may just be somewhat plausable along with the fact that Classic Sonic returning could have some time travel/inter-dimensional hoopla going on.

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      • Raw
        Raw 20 March, 2017, 17:34

        Yeah I noticed, it doesn’t necessarily means is not Eggman but it’s still possible is someone else.

        And assuming this game is written at least decently they would need to explain how Eggman got to conquer the world by himself since he is always using the aid of others (Time Eater, Deadly Six) and since other characters like Knuckles, Shadow, Silver or Blaze couldn’t stop him, maybe Eggman has some forces himself in the form of Nega, Classic Eggman and himself.

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