The Sonic Boom Voice Actors & Writers Are Holding An #AskSonicBoomCrew Event Today

The Sonic Boom Voice Actors & Writers Are Holding An #AskSonicBoomCrew Event Today

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This article may be on somewhat short notice, but Sonic Boom cartoon fans have a major event happening in about an hour from now to look forward to.

A new episode, “Robot Employees”, is set to premiere at that time. However, if you use Twitter, you can talk to the voice actors and writers behind the show with the hashtag #AskSonicBoomCrew, which will also be the hashtag fans can use so the team can see your tweets. They will be live tweeting during the show, watching it with viewers, and answering any questions you may have. In fact, if you want to start early, you can. The team is already beginning to interact with fans with the hashtag as of this article’s writing. All the event info can be found on Mike Pollock’s page. Below is a list of those involved with Sonic Boom who will be taking part.

Sonic – Roger Craig Smith
Dr. Eggman – Mike Pollock
Tails – Colleen Villard
Knuckles – Travis Willingham
Amy Rose – Cindy Robinson
Sticks – Nika Futterman
Orbot – Kirk Thornton​
Comedy Chimp & Lady Walrus – Bill Freiberger (​He’s also Executive Producer Bill Freiberger, btw)
Staff Writer Alan Denton
Staff Writer Greg Hahn
Staff Writer and Editor Sam Freiberger

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