Easy Allies Discussed Sonic Mania’s Special Stages (UPDATE)

Easy Allies Discussed Sonic Mania’s Special Stages (UPDATE)

by March 20, 2017

UPDATE: Taxman has confirmed that the info in the video is false.

Easy Allies, the stream team that formally worked on GameTrailers, talked about Sonic Mania in a podcast. Ben Moore was able to get a Sonic Mania session for 20 minutes, where he was able to talk about the Special Stages.

If you don’t want to be that spoiled, stop reading now. You can also see the video where the discussion involved down below, if you wish. Below the video in this article is what was said.

So, Ben Moore says that the only one he saw was Sonic 2’s halfpipe. However, when Ben Moore asked questions about Sonic CD, the SEGA rep with him was basically “we’re not going to….ehhhh”. This, combined with an interesting teaser, suggests that perhaps there may be more than one kind of Special Stage.