April Fools: SEGA Announces Sonic Adventure 3…Sort Of

April Fools: SEGA Announces Sonic Adventure 3…Sort Of

by April 1, 2017

SEGA has announced Sonic Adventure 3 in a press release delivered today. Sort of. We’re still trying to wrap our head around it, but we wonder if they meant a game that had been released already. We’ve included the press release below, so feel free to check it out.

Burbank, California—April 1st, 2017 SEGA has announced Sonic Adventure 3 today, a game that fans have long asked for. The game is part of a reboot for the Sonic franchise, in an attempt to experiment what Sonic would be like if he was in the real world. Features will include multiplayer, 3 prominent gameplay styles, glitches, a ball puzzle, beastiality, and Silver the Hedgehog. The plot involves Sonic rescuing the beautiful Princess Elise from the clutches of Doctor Eggman, who we have redesigned, along with Sonic, to celebrate this generation of Sonic. Meanwhile, Shadow the Hedgehog must tackle with a powerful foe that threatens to destroy the world and his edge. Silver the Hedgehog must tackle with himself, the backstory of his friend, Blaze the Cat, and invincibility frames during boss fights. Sonic’s friends will also be returning, and you WILL play as them. We can also confirm that the save feature has been reworked, allowing you to forget it whenever you like, even if you lose all your lives and progress.

Sonic Adventure 3 will release on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 sometime later this 11 years ago. Happy birthday, Sonic!

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