Archie Update: Another Rep Called, “No Information” At This Time

Archie Update: Another Rep Called, “No Information” At This Time

by May 1, 2017

Well, we’re back to square one again. We have an update on the Archie email situation.

After a couple of tries, got ahold of someone (not Lisa, male this time). While Lisa had seemed understanding about the delay, this person didn’t seem as interested in talking. He said that they were still working on the problem, had no dates, and they had no information (all those are his words). When I mentioned what Lisa told me he said he didn’t know what I was told but that there was no information.

So yeah, I have no idea what changed in the week and a half to go from “not much longer” to “we have no information” (again, direct quotes), but I’m a lot more frustrated now than I was before I first called.

Later on in the thread, the topic of refunds were brought up, and these two posts might explain why Archie hasn’t announced a cancellation yet, if it’s happening:

The one problem with that is Archie hasn’t cancelled Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe yet. Archie has a section on their About Us page on their website (the same page that has the number I’ve been calling) which states that any subscription cancellations will result in store credit or a transfer to a different subscription. When I asked Lisa about this, she said that only applies if the subscriber cancels their subscription, not if Archie cancels the publication completely.  While we know from places like Previews World that upcoming issues have been cancelled, Archie has publicly not referenced what’s going on and therefore it’s unclear if they’d be willing to issue refunds at this time.

Needless to say, this speculation, if true:

If I’ve taken your meaning correctly – Archie may very well be holding off on the announcement of the cancellation because it would also mean they would have to offer subscription refunds.

It’s a sneaky underhanded corporate tactic; If I’m reading the situation right Archie most likely won’t ever announce the comic has been cancelled; They’ll instead wait for people to demand refunds – knowing that the customer is contractually obligated to transfer their subscription to another title instead.

No company wants to give money back to its customers. They’ve written this into the subscription contract and they’re using it to play their subscribers for every cent they’re owed.

We’ll never get confirmation of the comic’s cancellation; Subscribers won’t ever get their money back.

Again, it’s worth noting that those previous two posts are speculation. This may not actually be what Archie’s doing. But at this point, speculation is the only thing we have to go by. And it seems that this will continue to be the case for a while longer.