Sonic Revolution 2017 Tickets Available To Purchase On EventBrite

Sonic Revolution 2017 Tickets Available To Purchase On EventBrite

by May 14, 2017

Sonic Revolution is less than a month away, and the team are now offering tickets via EventBrite. The event description is as follows:

Our annual Sonic the Hedgehog themed convention is back for 2017! Sonic Revolution celebrates our favorite video game mascot with guests, presentations, contests, and of course, the prizes!

Come see us at the Fiesta Hall in Whittier, CA on Sunday, June 11th from 10 AM – 6 PM!

Our current special guests this year include:

Bill Freiberger (SONIC BOOM – executive producer, voice actor)
Sam Freiberger ( SONIC BOOM – writer, additional animatic editor)
Alan Denton (SONIC BOOM – writer, story editor)
Greg Hahn (SONIC BOOM – writer, story editor)
Evan Stanley (ARCHIE’S SONIC THE HEDGEHOG – artist,writer)
Tyson Hesse (ARCHIE’S SONIC THE HEDGEHOG – artist)
Matt Mannheimer (Tails Channel)
Balena Productions (Sonic Fan Content Creator)
Sasso Studios (Sonic Fan Content Creator)
Cyberlink420 (Sonic Fan Content Creator “SONIC F”)
piplupfan77 (Fan Content Creator “Sonic Stop Motion Adventures”)
Emily Jones (Sonic Fan Voice Actor – BIG’S BIG FISHING ADVENTURE 3 – Tails, Amy)

The crowdfunder has ended ($500 short of the goal), and buying a ticket on EventBrite won’t give you any crowdfunder goodies, but you will still be able to enjoy what has been an annual gathering of Sonic fans.