Sonic Mania Steam Listing Reveals Game Price

Sonic Mania Steam Listing Reveals Game Price

by May 30, 2017

Got $20 of spare cash? Then you got Sonic Mania.

After the Steam reveal of Sonic Mania‘s release date, many were wondering the price of the game, since we only knew the price of the collectors edition. Now, thanks again to Steam, we know it.

Steam upgraded its Sonic mania Listing to open pre-purchase, and so revealing the game price. It will be 19’99 $/ 19’99 €/ 14.99 £ on all digital platforms, since the Xbox and Playstation listings are already up too and shows the same price. Switch listing shouldn’t be very much behind. But if you pre-purchase it now at steam, there is a 10% off, so you can get it for 17’99 $/ 17’99 € / 13.49 £.  If you pre-order it at  Playstation store, you get 6 icons and 3 Sonic Mania themes for your PS4 console. No special deal for Xbox One users have been disclosed yet.

Besides this, both Steam, PlayStation and Xbox confirmed the leaked release date.