Sonic Runners Adventure Suddenly Releases On Android In Some Areas

Sonic Runners Adventure Suddenly Releases On Android In Some Areas

by June 10, 2017 5 comments

Well, then.

In what is perhaps the quietest release of a Sonic game in a long time, Sonic Runners Adventure is out on Android. Sort of. And only in certain areas, apparently. But the small list of areas is all that is needed for an absolute flood of screenshots, which suggest that, indeed, the game seems to be a revamped Sonic Runners (with Green Hill again). The info we have comes from tweets and a post below that has been translated to English:

The release of #SonicRunnersAdventure!

Sonic Runners Adventure last night appeared in the Gameloft Store in some countries, and today it has become available for purchase in Russia. So far, only the Premium version has come out without in-game purchases. The free-to-play version will be released in Google Play a little later. Also, soon there will be an option for mobile phones that support Java ME.

The game can be bought by going to this address – Gameloft Store.
Http:// ..

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  1. Theo
    #1 Theo 10 June, 2017, 18:18

    I wonder when they’ll release an iOS version in Brazil.

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  2. ChaoticFox
    #2 ChaoticFox 10 June, 2017, 21:11

    Looks worse than the original. That’s a shame.

    Still getting it.

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    • TomMagenta
      TomMagenta 11 June, 2017, 03:21

      It looks so much worse, but those who played it have said it works 100x better than Runners, so it’a definitely worth a look in.

      Just wish I didn’t have to register to a dodgy website in order to get it.

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  3. Oken
    #3 Oken 10 June, 2017, 21:49

    Prefer the older art style by far, I was worried they’d change it. The Sonic running animation looks awful unfortunately, even at max speed he looks more like he’s jogging. Also the music, I appreciate them keeping the ohtani tracks since those are fantastic but not even an original mix for Green Hill or Sky Sanctuary? I mean I love the original tracks but just pasting them over the level is lazy, I’m also upset they removed the trick system all together along with the score at the bottom. Not to mention the end game looks incredibly stale, it just ends very lackluster. I’m still gonna get it but man do I hope they add some more of the original game’s charm/at least add more cause it almost seems like they took to much of the original Runners out of it. Least the roulette wheel Is gone though.

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