Archie Update: Ian Flynn – “I’ve Heard We Should Get [Sonic] News by End Of July”

Archie Update: Ian Flynn – “I’ve Heard We Should Get [Sonic] News by End Of July”

by July 1, 2017

Another month, another 30 days without a single Sonic comic releasing. However, this month has gotten started with perhaps the most interesting update we’ve had on the situation in a while. A fan spoke to Ian Flynn at a comic convention (a quick look on Ian’s Twitter and we know it’s Denver Comic Con), where he engaged in a conversation about the Sonic comics. We also learned that Jughead is in a “hiatus”, at least according to the “term I’ve heard”:

Today I was lucky enough to meet Ian Flynn at a comic convention, so I asked him about the comic. The short answer is doesn’t know anything, but he expects news in July.

When I asked him about it, it seemed like he genuinely didn’t know anything. He seemed particularly frustrated, telling me “it’s been bad for me because I haven’t had any work in six months.” He also said, “but that’s the nature of a licensed comic–they can disappear at any point.” I asked him if he knew when we would find out, and he said, “I’ve heard we should get news by end of July.”

I then asked him if he knew if it was because of legal negotiations and he said, “No idea. That kind of stuff is way above my pay grade.”

I also asked him if Jughead was canceled, and he said, “the term I’ve heard is hiatus.” And so I asked him if it was on hiatus in the same way Mega Man is on hiatus and he frowned and said, “hopefully it’s not as long as Mega Man.”

He also handed me a promotion for a new comic that he and Adam Bryce Thomas are working on called “Drogune.”

By the end of the conversation, I got the feeling that Archie has completely flaked out on him and they are keeping him in the dark too. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for him because he’s written the comics for so long, and Archie is not treating him fairly by just throwing the contract out with no explanation or timeline.

Regardless, he did say we should have news by the end of July, although who really knows if Archie will stick with that date. He did seem like he was trying to move onto other projects though, which is totally understandable, but it left me a little worried that the comic is not coming back.

Don’t get your hopes up, though. We’ve been through a similar situation before, just a few months ago. We didn’t really see much from that. And as the poster says, we don’t know for sure if Archie will stick to that date. But if they do, we’ll let you know of any developments. And considering how much of a mess this Archie Sonic “hiatus” has become, any developments will be welcome news.