Sega to Hold Sonic Mania Panel at SDCC

Sega to Hold Sonic Mania Panel at SDCC

by July 10, 2017 4 comments

The schedule for next week’s San Diego Comic Con is solidifying, and a pleasant surprise is in store for Sonic fans: The big players behind Sonic Mania are making the trip for a special panel on the hotly anticipated title’s development.

Takashi Iizuka, Christian Whitehead (Taxman), Simon Thomley (Stealth), music composer Tee Lopes, artist Tom Fry, and Aaron Webber will all be part of the panel. “New insights” are expected to be revealed there. If it’s anything like what we saw at the Sonic SXSW panel, there ought to be at least one reveal of note.

Below are the details from the official schedule. Before you ask–Webber has already told TSSZ that the organization does not allow for an “official” livestream, but according to him, “we are allowed to post footage a day or so afterward. We’re looking into options there.”

We, too, are working on coverage plans for this panel now. If you are going to SDCC and are willing to help us out with that coverage, please get in touch with us via a news tip.

Saturday, July 22 • 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Sonic Mania: Behind the Scenes

Takashi Iizuka (head of Sonic team), Christian Whitehead (developer, Sonic Mania), Simon Thomley (programmer, Sonic Mania), Tom Fry (artist, Sonic Mania), and Tee Lopes (composer, Sonic Mania) discuss the road to development behind the upcoming Sonic Mania video game and share new insights about the game. Moderated by Aaron Webber (Sonic social media manager).


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  1. AllStarSonic
    #1 AllStarSonic 10 July, 2017, 16:45

    I hope they don’t show too much. I’m excited for the game and all, but I want to explore the game and discover cool stuff on my own…

    regardless of that, I’m ready for Comic Con!!

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  2. sonicgalaxy27
    #2 sonicgalaxy27 10 July, 2017, 23:41

    I think they might be other surprises from that day. I can’t wait to hear from it. It might be a little much.

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  3. TuanPINGAS
    #3 TuanPINGAS 11 July, 2017, 13:18

    No Sonic Forces at SDCC….

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  4. Hero
    #4 Hero 12 July, 2017, 12:03

    Probably going to be the last big info dump before the game’s release, it’s only one month away by now.

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