IDW Revealing First Sonic Comic Details October 8th At New York Comic Con

IDW Revealing First Sonic Comic Details October 8th At New York Comic Con

by September 5, 2017 50 comments

Comic Cons have given us more Sonic comics news than at any other time in the last year combined. San Diego comic con gave us the news of SEGA’s shift from Archie to IDW. New York Comic Con, which takes place next month, will answer the big question that now lingers in the minds of Sonic comic fans: what will the IDW Sonic era be like?

We still do not know what characters will stay, what characters will go, or really anything. In fact, we’re just as uncertain of the IDW Sonic era as we were a few months ago. But as we stated on Twitter, we will be covering the news as it happens.

October is looking to be interesting.

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  1. *Ba-Ling*
    #1 *Ba-Ling* 6 September, 2017, 02:42

    As much as I feel for the loss of the Archie comics (which I was a supporting fan of for a long time), I really hope IDW starts fresh and simple with this new series. Not saying it should take the Mega Drive route (classic sonic nostalgia fest) or the Boom route (completely different from what we’ve ever known). But maybe sticking with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Eggman like those series did would help give the Sonic franchise a clearer, more consistent identity. I guess simple, straight-forward, character driven adventures is what I see would work the best for both old and new fans.

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    • Raw
      Raw 6 September, 2017, 08:58

      I agree, I loved the Archie comics too, they had some terrific character moments but most of the time felt very crowded, luckily we had Sonic Universe but even then it didn’t feel it was enough.

      And just to be clear I’m not against new characters, they expand the world and make stories more interesting but I hope most of them have supporting roles or are new villains, as you said they should keep the focus on the main cast and some other important characters (Shadow, Blaze, Silver, Rouge, etc.).

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    • DTH1971
      DTH1971 6 September, 2017, 10:58

      Keep Sally Acorn in IDW Sonic!

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  2. serpx
    #2 serpx 6 September, 2017, 03:29

    SATAM is over. I’ll be surprised if I’m wrong. I think we need the reboot.

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    • DTH1971
      DTH1971 6 September, 2017, 10:55

      No, I rather keep Sally Acorn in IDW Sonic – reboot or no reboot. I hope a social media push has been working…

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  3. ArtsyHarper
    #3 ArtsyHarper 6 September, 2017, 09:04

    Given how much Ian had to fight to keep the freedom fighters in, I’m inclined to agree with you.
    Personally I’d like to be pleasantly surprised.

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  4. DTH1971
    #4 DTH1971 6 September, 2017, 09:05

    I want Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, Antroine, Rotor, and Nicole to be part of the 2018 IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic book relaunch if things go right.

    I am also hoping for an early 2018 target launch date (Around January-March 2018) for the first issue of the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic book to be released.

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    • DTH1971
      DTH1971 6 September, 2017, 10:56

      I meant Antoine, not Antroine.

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    • Raw
      Raw 6 September, 2017, 11:19

      I think a January – March launch window is very unlikely, they need several months to plan a comic launch with 1 to 3 years worth of stories for the comic ready in most cases, then again we don’t know when Sega and IDW struck the deal exactly, if it was at the beginning of 2016 then there might be a chance we will see the comic in early 2018.

      As for the SATAM cast there is a lot of fan demand for sure but even then Sega might avoid using anything outside from the comics just to prevent another potential lawsuits nightmare.

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      • Vincentk
        Vincentk 6 September, 2017, 13:03

        Well even though it is unlikely, sally ,rotor,bunnie, antoine are from the cartoon specifically which sega owns, its everybody that came after them thats debatable

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        • DTH1971
          DTH1971 6 September, 2017, 15:34

          But I want to hope IDW to keep Sally Acorn in IDW Sonic and hope the launch is by Spring 2018 – That’s early 2018 to us.

        • Raw
          Raw 6 September, 2017, 20:43


          I know, still I said potential lawsuits because even if they belong to Sega a former writer may try to sue if a story involing them is too similar to one they wrote or if a related character looks too similar to a comic one, I know this may sound unlikely but then again Penders sued over Sonic Chronicles and Shade so anything is possible.

      • DTH1971
        DTH1971 6 September, 2017, 15:28

        Sally Acorn has no lawsuit, she appeared in a Sonic Spinball cameo and at the defunct Sydney, Australia Sega World park and its merchandise.

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        • vincentk
          vincentk 6 September, 2017, 17:36

          that is what I am saying(if your replying to me) sally and the other freedom fighters are not in trouble of lawsuit issues, sega owns them, which seems people ignore that or don’t understand(understandable due to the lawsuit but is becoming a little irritant lol) its characters who came up after them during the comics is the issue, old universe or new one. The only question is if sega wants to use them anyway as there relevance is debatable(to people anyway lol)

      • DTH1971
        DTH1971 6 September, 2017, 15:31

        Well, maybe the stories originally planned for Archie comics could be used followed by new stories for IDW Sonic.

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      • DTH1971
        DTH1971 6 September, 2017, 15:32

        Blame Ken Penders!

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      • DTH1971
        DTH1971 7 September, 2017, 14:37

        Maybe for May 2018 IDW could release a FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2018 comic of Sonic the Hedgehog to tie in with the IDW Sonic comic book relaunch at the same time if not early 2018 or Spring 2018.

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  5. DTH1971
    #5 DTH1971 6 September, 2017, 09:07

    Also, in recent comic shop visits as well as the recent 2017 Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con I have been buying mostly IDW comics to boost the upcoming in 2018 IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic book relaunch.

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  6. ack...
    #6 ack... 6 September, 2017, 18:58

    All bad news I expect since I’m not one of the many who believe we need the IDW comics to do another reboot or go pure game characters only.

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    • DTH1971
      DTH1971 6 September, 2017, 21:19

      I have a plan B: If you could pick one Sat AM character from Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, Antoine, and Rotor to stay as part of the 2018 IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic book relaunch, who would you choose? My best bet would be Sally Acorn since I have been a fan of her since the 1993 Archie Sonic the Hedgehog launch with #0 and the 3 issue miniseries followed by the ongoing regular series lasting 290 issues.

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  7. Hero
    #7 Hero 6 September, 2017, 19:04

    I’m hoping that in terms of art style that they at least look like something akin to the Archie comics under Flynn and Yardley, as opposed to the more gritty and over-detailed stuff I’ve seen in other IDW series like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But I guess that depends on the artists they have on board.

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    • DTH1971
      DTH1971 6 September, 2017, 21:21

      We’ll see how IDW plans Sally Acorn if she stays for the 2018 Sonic relaunch…

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      • Hero
        Hero 6 September, 2017, 23:29

        Why do you keep bringing up Sally so much? I didn’t even mention her in this comment. If anything, I’m more closer to doing that in the comment I made below this one. I’m just talking about artistic style right now, not particular characters.

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        • SSJSonicXX14
          SSJSonicXX14 7 September, 2017, 03:43

          Because anyone that brings up that character seems to be kinda nutty. Sally was never anything special she was the same cookie character sassy female lead that was common in that era of cartoons, while it’s not like the game character are really that much better they don’t have the outside baggage attached to them as they aren’t from a short lived cartoon from over 20 years ago.

        • DTH1971
          DTH1971 7 September, 2017, 07:24

          Well, I wish Sega could push Sally Acorn more on future Sonic games and Sonic merchandise!

        • Hero
          Hero 7 September, 2017, 14:57

          @SSJSONICXX14 I wouldn’t go that far. I liked Sally just fine, I don’t think there was anything particularly wrong about her character, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with any of her fans. You’re gonna find that with any character, there’s bound to be one or a few fans that are a bit “nutty”, as you put it.

        • Nightmus
          Nightmus 8 September, 2017, 02:45

          SSJSONICXX14, I haven’t read all the Archie comics, far from it, but from SatAM and what I’ve read I wouldn’t call Sally sassy or cookie cutter. If you’re talking about that cartoon era, then in my opinion she’s pretty far from the common female lead. Sally was the reason I became interested in Sonic comics in the first place as she doesn’t really appear anywhere else after SatAM.

  8. Hero
    #8 Hero 6 September, 2017, 19:40

    Not saying that they shouldn’t have the SatAM characters in there, but it’s not like not including them would be a terrible thing necessarily either. They were more important back in the day since when the comics started Sonic as a franchise was only 1-2 years old at that point, there weren’t enough characters to build a whole narrative around (I mean Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog got pretty mundane after a while when all you had was Sonic, Tails, and Robotnik and his two or three goons to go back and forth between), so for the same reason they introduced them in SatAM’s story, they introduced them in the comics as well. This way Sonic’s comic existence had a healthily sized cast to keep the plots, action, and humor going without allowing one character’s antics to get too stale (most of the time).

    It was only when they started adding in the later game characters and new comic exclusive characters into the mix that things got as complicated as they did. But it at least still allowed the games to have enough room to make their own characters to fill out Sonic’s cast at their own pace without feeling pressured to have to rely on the comics as a source of material.

    The main point is that the SatAM cast was much more NEEDED back in the 1993-1997 days, when the comics started out in the baby years of the franchise when there was only 3 game characters to work with. Since then the games have more than made up the difference and has given Sonic a fairly sizable cast to work with in the games alone. Even just the “Classic Team” of Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles against Eggman is enough to keep a premise going similar to how the old-school Archie comics handled themselves. And if they wanted to expand their reach into deeper stories sooner, there’s already plenty of other game characters to choose from too (particularly those who don’t get a lot of exposure nowadays like Silver, Blaze, etc.). A Sonic comic adaptation definitely has more ground to stand on now by just relying on the game characters than it ever did back in 1993.

    But just keep in mind that while this means that the SatAM Freedom Fighters may no longer be a necessity for a Sonic comic cast doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t still an option to choose from either. If SEGA willed it, they could still feature the same cast that started off their first comic endeavors all those years ago, only this time keeping a tighter hold on any copyrights or character rights that come up this time around (at least, one would hope…).

    It all really depends on the direction that they want to take with this. Despite a few mandates, the SEGA of old did let Archie and it’s freelancers take a lot of liberties with how the characters, world, plots, etc. were handled. As time went on they exercised more mandates as they became more conservative over Sonic’s brand and portrayal, forcing heavier emphasis on game-specific characters, less romantic drama in Sonic’s life (for better or for worse), less vulnerability from Sonic’s character, and no victories from Eggman; though to be fair the writing teams still did a clever job in testing the limits on most of these things, so those restrictions may as well have been more like guidelines than anything else.

    But nonetheless, the SEGA of now is definitely one that wants to be more conservative and protective of Sonic’s image. They’re less likely to try anything with him that feels “too risky”, unless it’s a calculated risk that they’re under the impression is still very safe. Just take into account the whole 2010-2017 era so far, they’ve shown various ways of trying to keep Sonic looking “familiar” as opposed to trying to subvert convention in any meaningful way like other titles did. And if this mindset found it’s way into the later Archie comics, I’m almost convinced that it will continue from the very beginning of the IDW comics. Unless of course they have some sound voices of reason in their consultation team. But it’s really hard to say right now.

    As much as I want to give SEGA the benefit of the doubt and believe that they’re more willing to let IDW have more creative liberties and free reign over the direction they take the comics in (within reason) than they were with Archie over time, I still can’t help but be reminded of all of the overly controlling stuff that they have done in regards to Sonic over the years. If Mania has proven anything, it’s that they’ll try to change and let somebody new and promising have their turn at the wheel for a little bit, only to finally get so stir-crazy enough that they impulsively grab the wheel from the new guy and drive straight into a wall on their own terms.

    I don’t want my cynicism to get in the way of my optimism for the new series, I guess it’s just the more corporate end of SEGA (and Sonic Team to an extent…Iizuka) that I’m growing more concerned with lately. Let’s just hope it’s my concerns that are proven wrong as opposed to my hopes in this case.

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  9. Nightmus
    #9 Nightmus 7 September, 2017, 03:00

    The selling point for me is Sally Acorn. The whole SatAM cast would be nice, but if Sally’s out, I doubt I’d be interested in the comic.

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    • DTH1971
      DTH1971 7 September, 2017, 07:22

      Maybe we can have a double love triangle with Sonic on both Amy and Sally like Archie has with Betty and Veronica (and later Cheryl Blossom and Ginger Lopez).

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      • DTH1971
        DTH1971 7 September, 2017, 07:23

        But I wouldn’t bet Sonic to fall in love with Sticks the Badger of Sonic Boom fame.

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  10. Kid Kaos
    #10 Kid Kaos 7 September, 2017, 07:12

    I’m excited for the news, I just hope the Freedom Fighers make it back! (in a perfect world, I’d want them to continue where Archie stopped, they wouldn’t have to worry about World Building as that is as good as done!)

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  11. Geno
    #11 Geno 7 September, 2017, 14:35

    I’d like to see them print the stories Archie had made but never published, re release Megadrive, keep the remaining cast made by Ian Flynn, and then branch off into their own territory once everything has been fully transitioned over.

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    • DTH1971
      DTH1971 7 September, 2017, 14:38

      Though I betting Sally Acorn stays for new IDW Sonic stores 2018 and beyond.

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  12. K
    #12 K 7 September, 2017, 16:05

    I can’t wait!

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  13. SoYummy69
    #13 SoYummy69 7 September, 2017, 19:29

    I hope that furry fapbait Sally never sees the light of day again.

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  14. J-bots
    #14 J-bots 8 September, 2017, 07:33

    I think a clean slate is a pretty safe bet. The IDW books are going to be their own thing much like how the Fleetway comics were their own thing. I am not expecting the Freedom Fighters or any influence of SatAM that the Archie comics had. If there is anything I want carried over from the Archie run it is something that I think was integral to their success. At their best the Archie books were more then just a cheap tie in book but a story beyond the games with characters and concepts you simply could not see elsewhere. Granted doing that and keeping true to the spirit of the games is not the easiest task and Archie had it’s fair share of missteps but when they got it right, they got it right. This is why Ian Flynn is a fan favorite. As long as IDW emulates this then I think the comic would be successful.

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    • DTH1971
      DTH1971 8 September, 2017, 08:56

      I don’t mind a clean slate, but if I can agree with Sega, I would keep Sally Acorn in IDW Sonic and Sonic merchandise.

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  15. Tezmehbot
    #15 Tezmehbot 9 September, 2017, 18:56

    This seems promising. I would love it to be more in line with the games, since the other characters introduced in the Archie Comics turned me off. I don’t want it to be like Archie with even after the Genesis Wave/Reboot to make it more like the games, other characters were still there. I want something fresh.

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  16. Angry Nerd
    #16 Angry Nerd 11 September, 2017, 16:28

    Whatever their plans are, I just hope for two things.

    1: No Ian Flynn, No Tracy Yardley, or any of the other radical left archie writers or artists. I’m sorry, but I am sick of far left progressive pushing their ideologies into everything they touch until it become a cesspool of death.

    Yardley outright hates Trump and all Trump supporters, several of the artist push LGBTQ+ and protection of illegal immigrants who commit murders, rape children and sell drugs. Ian Flynn hijacked characters that didn’t belong to him to push the gay agenda without getting any kind of okay from SEGA or Archie. Their insanity caused the comics to tank in sales just like Marvels comics does.

    In light of this, it should be no surprise that SEGA fired Archie and its entire staff. If IDW has any brains, they’ll stay away from these people at all costs.

    2: No Archie/Satam characters or settings.

    The taint of those two things are toxic, too many lawsuits, too much progressive garbage, too much hate of Sonic fans who don’t share Archie’s opinions and too many moments of Sonic being anyone but Sonic.

    Lets this part of the Sonic franchise die a silent, undignified death and hold up its body for the world to see as a warning not to screw around with a licensed property

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  17. Paramount Piglet
    #17 Paramount Piglet 12 September, 2017, 16:09

    I gotta give my two cents on this:
    First, I’m glad that we’ll be getting important news soon. As for what it’ll be about is anyone’s guess.
    Second, and probably the biggest issue, the character debacle. Let’s get one thing clear: If you were hoping a comic exclusive character like Fiona Fox woulf return, it’s no use.
    If you’re hoping the Freedom Figthers(Sally Acorn) will return, as DTH1971 wants so bad, possibly. As mentioned by other folks, if Ian Flynn could convice SEGA to keep Sally and co. in, I’m sure enough outcry could persuade SEGA yet again. In fact, Aaron Webber(head of Sonic social media) said this: “-and hoping some familiar faces return” (source:
    So, if Sally and co. in IDW Sonic is your ultimate goal, you need to speak louder and louder in the next couple weeks to get SEGA and IDW to listen. If you’re willing to keep pushing, I’ll keep pushing too. 🙂

    On politics of IDW Sonic, no libtard stuff. We’re tired of it 😛

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  18. AManFromDeclan
    #18 AManFromDeclan 12 September, 2017, 16:44

    It’s probably going to be a different continuity altogether. But I’ll just say this:

    Do not make Sonic answer to anyone! No controlling female leads (Sally and Boom Amy), no monarchy, no council, no military! Just a free hedgehog who can go anywhere and do as he pleases.

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  19. Jay
    #19 Jay 13 September, 2017, 17:31

    I hope that IDW still includes the Satam characters and story in their upcoming comic. The post reboot of Archie proves why basing their stories off the games alone is a terrible idea.

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  20. BJSeerus
    #20 BJSeerus 15 September, 2017, 23:49

    I’m hoping for a reboot done in a style similar to Archie’s Mega Man. Faithful to the games but alternating between stories based on the games and independent stories. In regards to returning characters, as has been mentioned already, the cartoons came out before there were many characters in the sonic games. I mean SATAM came out in 1993, before Knuckles existed. KNUCKLES! Back then the games had a grand total of: Sonic, Tails, Eggman, and Amy and Metal Sonic if you paid attention to Sonic CD.
    Nowadays however we have well over 50 characters just sticking with ones who appeared in the games.

    Personally, I would love it if in an ever expanding comic universe they eventually bring in characters from SATAM, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, Sonic X, and Sonic Boom in the ways that IDW Ninja Turtles have taken content from the original comics, the 80s cartoon, the 2003 cartoon, and other turtles sources and mashed it all together. Especially since they took their time with it and didn’t rush to include everything all at once. I would love it if the IDW Sonic comic did that.

    But there are a lot of characters in the Sonic series now, and when you consider that the IDW comic is going to try and appeal to the entire Somic fan base, including those who never touched Archie Sonic, it makes more sense for Sonic’s primary supporting cast to be characters from the video games. So in short, I’m down with the freedom fighters returning, but I think it would be a mistake for them to be anything more than occasionally recurring characters.

    On a personal note, As long as I get some decent Chaotix action I’ll be happy.

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