@Issue Poll: Favorite Sonic Mania Zones

@Issue Poll: Favorite Sonic Mania Zones

by October 27, 2017

Back when Sonic Mania first launched, we asked which of its twelve zones was your favorite. We left this poll up for a really long time, and the results are finally in. The uncontested winner was Studiopolis Zone, which garnered nearly a third of the 713 votes. Press Garden Zone followed close behind, with Stardust Speedway Zone and the other original zones rounding out the top five.

You can check out the full results of the poll below. A new poll about your platform of choice for Sonic Forces is live now; you can vote on the right-hand side of every page on the site.

POLL: Which zone in Sonic Mania is your favorite?
713 total responses

Studiopolis Zone – 29% (210 votes)
Press Garden Zone – 20% (144 votes)
Mirage Saloon Zone – 11% (81 votes)
Stardust Speedway Zone – 8% (56 votes)
Titanic Monarch Zone – 7% (53 votes)
Green Hill Zone – 5% (34 votes)
Chemical Plant Zone – 4% (29 votes)
Flying Battery Zone – 4% (25 votes)
Metallic Madness Zone – 4% (25 votes)
Hydrocity Zone – 3% (24 votes)
Lava Reef Zone – 3% (19 votes)
Oil Ocean Zone – 2% (13 votes)