Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Now Available on iOS

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Now Available on iOS

by November 2, 2017 4 comments

Ahead of the launch of Sonic Forces, SEGA and HARDlight have released the latest Sonic mobile game for iOS devices. Sonic Forces: Speed Battle takes the well-established Sonic Dash formula and mixes in live multiplayer battles as you race against other players and battle to win. We have included the game’s press release in full below; the game is available now for iOS devices and will launch on Android devices on November 16th.

SEGA ® Networks, Inc. launches Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, the much-anticipated real-time multiplayer game that pits players against opponents from around the world in action-packed battles. Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is now available to download for free (with rewarded ads and in app purchases) from the App Store™ for iPhone™ and iPad™* – and it’s already optimized for the iPhone X™. Additionally, the game is coming to Google Play™ for Android™ devices on November 16, 2017**.

Developed by HARDlight™, the UK-based studio known for Sonic Dash, Crazy Taxi: City Rush, and Sonic Jump™, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle features 15 playable characters from the upcoming Sonic Forces™ console game, including fan favorites like Classic Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Omega, as well as lesser-seen characters like Zavok, Metal Sonic, and Chaos. At launch, the game offers 12 tracks, set across three unique environments, two of which were inspired by the Sonic Forces console game. Players can build a roster of characters, leveling up their squad in an effort to battle their way up global and regional leaderboards.

“With its fast-paced multiplayer action, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle continues our vision of bringing entertaining, high-quality titles to the mobile space,” said Takashi Iizuka, VP of Product Development of SEGA of America™. “We look forward to seeing how fans respond to the unique runner style and competitive gameplay.”

“With our combined experience making racing games and runners, in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, we set out to make a battle racing game that is – above all things – fun to play, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.” said Chris Southall, who heads up HARDlight. “Each game sees you matched with three close rivals to compete online in fast-paced, real-time, first-across-the-line battles. Use skill and strategy to navigate the exciting arenas of play, collecting and deploying items on the track to thwart your competitor’s progress. There’s a wide variety of power-ups and characters that we are sure will keep fans delighted as over time they fight to win and rise through the ranks, accessing ever more challenging levels.”

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  1. SSJSonicXX14
    #1 SSJSonicXX14 2 November, 2017, 22:22

    I just tried this and it’s a mess performance is really bad, full screen ads and the multiplayer is just bad as temple run lane switching and Mario Kart items don’t mix as getting first place comes down to luck most of the time, there is no option of playing solo or even with bots from what I can see. It looks like you’d have to grind for hours to unlock the other tracks.

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    • TyrantLizardKing
      TyrantLizardKing 3 November, 2017, 07:06

      I’ve playing it since before the full launch. Contrary to what you said I’ve actually been enjoying my time with this game. I should note that there were no full-screen ads during soft launch, not sure why they were suddenly added for the full release.

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  2. DTH1971
    #2 DTH1971 2 November, 2017, 23:37

    The real Sonic Forces doesn’t come out until November 7, 2017 anyway.

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  3. shihe
    #3 shihe 5 November, 2017, 00:06

    That’s all nice and dandy, but…

    Whatever happened to Sonic Runners Adventure? I was really looking forward to that one more.

    Still, can’t wait to play Speed Battle. Finally caved and downloaded Dash 2 to distract me until it’s released. I was surprised to find out it’s much better than Dash so hopefully FSB will improve further.

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