Sonic Forces Launch Trailer Released

Sonic Forces Launch Trailer Released

by November 6, 2017 3 comments

Well, it’s finally here.

Over a year after it was first announced, Sonic Forces is available. Because of this, the official Sonic PR have released a launch trailer for the game.

There are mild spoilers in the trailer, so be warned.

The trailer is below.

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  1. mobian-knight
    #1 mobian-knight 6 November, 2017, 23:47

    OMFG…. This has got to be the most pretentious thing I have seen SEGA put out in a long time. I can’t tell if they are really trying make this a success, or if they are trolling and deliberately trying to fail.

    Seriously, this reminds of the movie/musical “The Producers” where the protagonists of the story deliberately create a terrible Broadway play that is meant to fail on purpose so they can scam the people they got to invest in it (mostly old ladies) out of their money; as they would not have to pay back the investment money plus any shares in the profit if the play is a flop. Maybe somebody at SEGA thought to themselves, “You know what? There’s a lot of little old ladies out there!”

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