SHC 2017: Expo Entries

SHC 2017: Expo Entries

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The 2017 Sonic Hacking Contest has begun, so we’ll be showcasing the many hacks that are available to check out this year. First up is the many entries for the Expo, a new division of entries that was created following controversy about the quality of entries last year. Although Expo entries aren’t judged and aren’t in the running for Community Trophies, they can still be streamed, so expect to see them appear on live streams for the contest. However, these entries tend to see minimum adjustments to the core game and sacrifice quality for laughs, so expect entertainment of a different kind. Here’s all the Expo entries:

● Sonic the Hedgehog Bania: Gold! Edition ~ Promotional Demo by Royameadow
● SADX Physics Swap Mod by MainMemory
● SA2 Physics Swap Mod by MainMemory
● Mario Mania by metalkingboo
● Sonic.EXE Mania by haloarbiter117
● Spider-Hog Mania by PotterAndMatrixFan
● S3K/SKC Random Special Stages by MainMemory
● S3K Mania Special Stages by MainMemory
● SADX SMPS Mod by MainMemory
● Mania SMPS Mod by MainMemory
● Mania Random Bonus Mod by MainMemory
● Sonic 2 Fine2uned by Clownacy
● Sonic: The Return of Shadow by JoenickROS
● Sonic 1: Terra Night by SonicBurst
 Sonic’s Fun and Easy Adventure by Novedicus
● Sticks by Slashy
● Sonic Limbo by lordxernom
● Aurora Garden (Sonic Mania) by AeroArtwork
● Sonic 3D Blast Director’s Cut (BETA) by gamehut
● Super Sonic & Hyper Sonic in Sonic 1 by Clownacy
● Sonic Lost World – Snowball Joyride by Dario
● Sonic Generations – Classic Green Hill Zone Forces WIP by TwilightZoney
● World 1-1 in Sonic Mania by AeroArtwork

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