Canceled Dreamcast Game “Agartha” To See Release

Canceled Dreamcast Game “Agartha” To See Release

by January 4, 2018

Never Stop Thinking

It seems like at least once every couple years or so, the gaming press has another reason to talk about a new Dreamcast game and dig up the old tagline of “It’s Thinking” (and yes, even I couldn’t resist). 2018 is off to a strong start as far as that quota goes, but not with a brand new Dreamcast game, but one that’s more “New To You.”

Coming to us from the Twitter account VGDensetsu via Resetera is the news that the once-canceled game “Agartha” will see release later this month with blessings from the development team.

What’s “Agartha”? Unseen64 has the scoop:

Agartha is a cancelled horror adventure that was planned by the French software house No Cliche (author of titles like Toy Commander) for the Sega Dreamcast. Agartha’s gameplay was probably going to be similar to Alone in the Dark, D2 and Silent Hill, players had to explore the snowed mountains and villages, resolving puzzles and fighting against monsters / demons that lived in there. The game progress was influenced by the players’ choices, which could have decided whether to help innocent people and seal the evil town, or let them to die and help demons to destroy our planet. No Cliche’s horror adventure could have been an awesome addition to the Dreamcast’s library, however in 2001, Sega went out of the console business. Sadly No Cliche had to cancel Agartha, close down and laid off most of its staff.

What makes Agartha important is its director, Frédérick Raynal. Raynal was designer behind Alone in the Dark in 1992, often thought of as one of the first modern survival horror games. Raynal’s work would go on to more or less establish the entire genre, influencing games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and more.

The version of Agartha to be released is only a prototype demo, however, so for those of you out there excited to have something substantially new to play will probably be disappointed.

The Agartha demo is scheduled to release on January 15th, and more information about this release can likely be found at ASSEMblerGames or the French website, Dreamcast News.