SEGA Press Release For IDW Sonic News Published

SEGA Press Release For IDW Sonic News Published

by February 2, 2018 18 comments

One of the first IDW Sonic press releases have been published. For some reason, Jennifer Hernandez is still being credited for the cover of issue 3. Hernandez has already confirmed that that’s not the case. Nevertheless, here’s the press release:

San Diego, CA (February 2, 2018) — At breakneck speed, IDW Publishing is fast approaching a brand new era of Sonic the Hedgehog comics starting with a new #1 issue. Anticipation for this exciting launch runs high and, as a way to express gratitude to the fans for their patience, the series will kick off with a new issue each and every Wednesday during the month of April. Following the release of the first four issues, the ongoing series will continue on a monthly release schedule from May onward.

Longtime Sonic scribe Ian Flynn has been tapped as the series writer. His contributions to the Sonic comic mythos cannot be overstated and his return to the franchise has been met with overwhelming fan approval. Flynn will be joined by a stable of talented artists, some who will be familiar faces to readers, and others who will be making their Sonic comics debut. Among those contributing to the first four issues are Tracy Yardley (interior art on issue 1), Adam Bryce Thomas(issue 2), Jennifer Hernandez (issue 3), Evan Stanley (issue 4), Tyson Hesse (main covers), Nathalie Fourdraine (variant covers), Rafa Knight (variant cover), Jamal Peppers(variant cover), Jonathan Gray(variant cover), and Sonic Mania artist Kieran Gates (variant cover).

Each issue in April will feature Sonic teaming up with a different ally: Tails, Amy Rose, Knuckles the Echidna, plus the introduction of a brand new character, Tangle, who will make her debut in Sonic the Hedgehog #4.

“I’ve been working in comics for about 15 years, and my interactions with Sonic fans has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my career — and I mean that in the best possible way,” said series editor Joe Hughes. “The further we get into this, the more we realize what a responsibility it is to give a fan base this passionate and loyal the kinds of stories that they deserve. We’ve barely gotten started, and it’s already so much fun. The fans have been nothing short of amazing, and we’re genuinely grateful to be welcomed into their tribe.”

“We’re extremely fortunate and humbled to have such an avid fanbase,” said Michael Cisneros, Licensing Specialist at SEGA of America. “The entire IDW team is immersing themselves within the Sonic community which instills confidence that they genuinely understand our fans’ expectations. When you look at the incredible array of talent lined up for the first month alone, there’s absolutely no doubt that readers are in for an exhilarating ride.”

Release Schedule:

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #1 – April 4, 2018

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #2 – April 11, 2018

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #3 – April 18, 2018

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #4 – April 25, 2018

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  1. Paramount Piglet
    #1 Paramount Piglet 2 February, 2018, 15:29

    I feel confident that IDW will take care of Sonic. I do believe, from what article says about the team’s relationship with the fanbase, that they’re taking suggestions from us and giving them to the publisher. This means, quite possibly, that they’ve tried to find a place for the Freedom Fighters in this new universe.

    My only worries is that the book could feature a politically motivated “SJW” message(considering most of the team tends to lean to the Left). I hope IDW learns from other publishers that a story like that isn’t going to sell well, and would no doubt face severe criticism.

    Other than that, I remain confident in their ability to succeed.

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    • DTH1971
      DTH1971 3 February, 2018, 14:59

      What do you mean by a SJW message? And what does SJW stand for?

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    • guesswho
      guesswho 15 February, 2018, 06:16


      Their Facebook group forbids you from speaking negatively about their Sonic comics, their staff members or their other comics.

      They live in a safe space zone where only people who praise them are allowed to speak which creates an echo chamber.

      Write the wrong thing, not only is your post deleted, you also get banned from the group.

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  2. TyrantLizardKing
    #2 TyrantLizardKing 2 February, 2018, 16:11

    Aw yeah Jonathan Gray is back!

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  3. mobian-knight
    #3 mobian-knight 2 February, 2018, 21:31

    Longtime Sonic scribe Ian Flynn has been tapped as the series writer. His contributions to the Sonic comic mythos cannot be overstated and his return to the franchise has been met with overwhelming fan approval.

    I threw up reading this. This is marketing diarrhea taken to the max. I’m not totally against Ian being a presence, but he should only be one writer in a greater team of writers; and he most certainly should not be head writer. They’ve already defecated in the bed sheets by not using this new series as an opportunity to bring in new fresh writers to breathe new creative life into their storytelling. Considering how they are already handling this comic, I’ll be surprised if it lasts 24 months.

    And yes, Ian definitely has an SJW bent (responding to Paramount Piglet). What he did to Sally was a perfect example: Defining her as a tomboy when no one thought of her that way. Uglifying her with the Mecha-Sally arc, and then having her cover up her body with an ugly outfit simply because she’s female. Having said outfit make her look like a defeminized dyke, with Ian later admitting that he was turning her into a lesbian with Nicole as her girlfriend. He even said that he was surprised people didn’t speak up sooner because he was so obvious about it.

    He also surrounds himself with a chorus of sycophantic cult followers that exist to shutdown any difference of opinion no matter how polite people try to be when presenting such differences, thus making dialogue of various ideas and perspectives impossible. When he had his forum, the overriding culture that emerged was one of, “love me and everything I do, or leave hateful bigot troll”; he even had a number of rules to enforce this. As an example, the person who goes by the handle Mavrickindigo was banned twice in a short period of time for “criticizing something before reading it” during that atrocious Worlds Unite crossover. Yes, he actually would straight up ban people for that

    Like any other SJW comic writer, Ian is a creative job position squatter. Once given absolute control, the persistent squatting presence of the SJW writer locks out any other writing talent with new original ideas from having a fair shot. They say that one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. SEGA and IDW better get a clue.

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    • vincentk
      vincentk 3 February, 2018, 13:44

      where did such information come from? how do you know all of this?

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    • TyrantLizardKing
      TyrantLizardKing 3 February, 2018, 16:40

      Hm that’s certainly a lot of information. I never had a problem with Sally gaining more clothes, but the idea of making her Nicole’s girlfriend is ridiculous.
      Where did he admit he was doing that?

      IDW’s been getting more and more SJW with their Transformers comics (read about the new OCs Anode and Lug if you want a laugh). I’m still hoping Sonic will avoid this, but my fears haven’t gone away yet.

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    • ack..
      ack.. 3 February, 2018, 21:26

      I doubt the reason for her wearing clothes was thanks to SJWs but by old school prudes who were wondering why Sally was still mostly nude when every other girl had clothes on. Steven Butler’s (I love his Sally art even if off model) art didn’t help. Wasn’t a fan of the cover up either at first but it made her look… more appealing in a R rated way.

      Evan said something on her tumblr about Gold the Tenrec being Bi or Lez so if she has any influence on Tangle (who kind of looks like overwatch’s tracer) then…

      I think Ian admitting that Sally/Nicole were a couple was on twitter, I also think it was a joke.

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      • DTH1971
        DTH1971 3 February, 2018, 22:59

        Also: It was in the fall of 1994 at the same time when: after Sally Acorn became brown colored after being for first 18 issues pink colored in the Archie Sonic comics Sally started to wear the blue vest jacket even during Season 2 of Sonic Sat AM.

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      • DTH1971
        DTH1971 3 February, 2018, 23:00

        Heck, I even liked Sally Acorn’s since 2014 outfit (with shorts) when the POST SGW happened and after a few years of being the Mecha Sally form.

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    • Kazhnuz
      Kazhnuz 5 February, 2018, 12:04

      She was already often described as “tomboyish” in the SatAM era, and most of the change he did to Sally was getting more in line with her debuts appearance. And tbh, how is the mecha sally arc SJW ? It’s something bad happening to a main character, and some drama. :V

      And her outfit had still “feminine” elements like the kind of tight short she wears (and we see the princess costume of satam too”), so it’s way more just following the SEGA standard.

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    • ProjectZuel
      ProjectZuel 6 February, 2018, 12:55

      Anyone who uses the term “sjw” as a basis for some sort of argument should probably look at the floor crumbling from underneath them.

      Really? “Uglifying her with the mecha-sally arc”? I wasn’t hugely fond of that arc but the point of Mecha-Sally was to build drama through character loss, not about how Sally looked. Same with the redesign post reboot which all the SatAm originals had applied to make them more in-line with Sonic designs.

      I honestly have no clue where you got the , “with Ian later admitting that he was turning her into a lesbian with Nicole as her girlfriend” but if “sjw agenda” means having non-hetro characters in a series I honestly don’t know what to say in response. I mean who honestly cares if Sally was a lesbian or straight because after the final reboot the Sally x Sonic angle was going to be dropped anyway, possibly at Sega’s request to make Sonic more like his game version.

      You honestly come across as a jaded individual possibly banned from Flynns forum or something for sproating this sort of moronic drivil about “sjws”.

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      • Paramount Piglet
        Paramount Piglet 6 February, 2018, 13:32

        This got far out of hand from what I meant. I meant that I hope the team will not use left wing politics in their stories.. or right wing..just keep the political fluff out. Mecca Sally wasn’t SJW, that was just Sally fanboys triggered that SonAlly was at risk. SallyxNicole…… that probably was SJW.

        As always, people take what others say and misuse it.

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  4. Fox
    #4 Fox 2 February, 2018, 23:25

    Cool. I will be looking forward to reading it. 🙂

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