More Details On The Sonic Movie Surface

More Details On The Sonic Movie Surface

by February 4, 2018 15 comments

At long last, we’ve heard a little about the upcoming Sonic movie. One person (Patrick Casey) is working on the film, and the other isn’t anymore, and is merely relaying info that he’s heard from others. Here are all the tweets:

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  1. Rarefoil
    #1 Rarefoil 4 February, 2018, 13:17

    *teeth start chattering nervously*

    Do I dare hope? Going action-focused sounds like a good idea…

    But lots of things sound like good ideas.
    I’ll keep the possibility for this to be good at 2%.

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  2. G. Robert
    #2 G. Robert 4 February, 2018, 13:56

    Meh. I don’t even care about this. I’m sure it’ll end up either bad or so-so or maybe just okay, but not that great.

    Video game movies are never been great. There are some okay ones, but the rest of them are just terrible. Just saying.

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  3. Axis
    #3 Axis 4 February, 2018, 16:47

    Action focused? You have made a wise choice.

    Frankly I have been more optimistic about this movie since Miller came on board and it went to Paramount, also I’m willing to bet they aim for a tone similar to Sonic Forces’ and the Archie comics so I remain semi-cautiously excited about this.

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  4. SSJSonicXX14
    #4 SSJSonicXX14 4 February, 2018, 20:08

    It wasn’t action focused to begin with? What?!

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  5. sonicgalaxy27
    #5 sonicgalaxy27 5 February, 2018, 01:39

    It seems like they have started on it.

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  6. Hero
    #6 Hero 5 February, 2018, 12:21

    Actual filming might actually start this year!? Oh finally! I really hope this turns out really well, Sonic really needs a good success right now. The medium doesn’t even bother me as much, Ratchet and Clank proved that you could have a fully animated video game movie and still have it be mediocre at best, forgettable at worst. So really all it means is the medium doesn’t matter, what DOES matter is the actual story, writing, dialogue, directing, characters, cinematography, and probably the quality of effects they use. If it turns out to be a good movie, the live action parts might not even be that big a deal.

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    • Axx
      Axx 6 February, 2018, 00:20

      You’d think it’d be obvious.

      When I was younger I always pictures a Sonic film being in live action cuz that’s what Sonic Adventure felt like. Not that I was against a CGI animated film. Especially the scene in Zero Gravity where the blast from the black hole breaks the large window. Something about those few shots made me picture it in theaters. And the opening to Unleashed really made me picture a full CGI Sonic movie especially since the whole game made me feel like I was playing a Pixar film version of the series.

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  7. Ryan
    #7 Ryan 5 February, 2018, 20:42

    Exciting times. I’ve wanted a sonic movie since the early 90s. I may be in my 30s now but I’ll still watch the shit out of it!

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  8. Axx
    #8 Axx 6 February, 2018, 00:15

    That was dumb. “Part of it’s in live action. I sure hope there’s someway to still make it interesting!” How about writing an interesting STORY? Who cares that it’s live action? Does it matter if the tree in the background is real or not as long as it looks good?

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  9. DaddlerTheDalek
    #9 DaddlerTheDalek 6 February, 2018, 09:22

    “action focused”. Good.

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  10. AManFromDeclan
    #10 AManFromDeclan 7 February, 2018, 10:34

    If this film HAS to be live action, at least keep Sonic and co. (end Eggman) CGI-animated. No repeats of Sonic 2006 (Eggman’s horrendous redesign), or the fan film.

    Also, no focus on human/Chris Thorndyke deuteragonists. This is 2018 now.

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    • Axx
      Axx 10 February, 2018, 01:46

      Eggman’s design in 06 was originally praised until the game came out and made everyone decide that nothing but the music was good. In all honesty, I loved that design because they managed to make him look like an actual person (which isn’t all that horrendous) but also give off similar vibes as his more cartoony design. The fan film Robitnik was horrendous though because the costume and make up didn’t follow throw. He’s got a huge ass mustache. You gotta own it!

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