SEGA has a ‘surprise announcement’ at SEGA Festival 2018

SEGA has a ‘surprise announcement’ at SEGA Festival 2018

by March 4, 2018

Looks like we are off to a series of announcements in SEGA’s side. Aside from whatever will be announced at SXSW next March 16th, we might have even more surprises coming from under Sega’s wing in the near future.

Tokyo will see a celebration of all thing SEGA next April 14-15, called Sega Fest 2018. The event will feature Sega games from all ages, both actual and retro to play by the people who come to visit, several displays of SEGA’s hardware, arcade and marketing materials history, Q&A panels, competitions, merchandise stands to calm down your Sega collectible urges, and of course special guests to shake it up a bit. All in a similar way of how us occidental enjoy events like Summer of Sonic, Sonic Boom/Sega of America’s anniversary cons, or Sonic & Sega Fan Jam, except this is not focused on Sonic but on all SEGA and is, of course, driven by the company itself, not by fans. It will be held at Bellesalle Akihabara, if you are near there around that date and want to hop in.

Japanese fans will surely have a blast, but we might be also enjoy it in a way at this side of the ocean, since SEGA has stated that “a special announcement” is to be made at the event. There is no more info about what it might be, except that it is “unique to SEGA”. Maybe we will see a new instalment to any beloved classic SEGA franchise? Since it is being revealed at a Japanese event, it’s easy to guess it might be something Japanese audiences will enjoy the most, like some new JRPG franchise, or maybe a revival of a classic Sega game beloved in Japan, like Virtua Fighter or Phantasy Star.

Whatever it will be, we won’t have to wait much, only a month away ( with a SXSW pit stop for reveals focused on overseas audiences. Maybe that rumoured Sonic Racing rumor?)