@Issue Poll: Best Modern Gameplay Experience

@Issue Poll: Best Modern Gameplay Experience

by March 20, 2018

The results are in for the latest @Issue poll – and they’re about what you’d expect. This time around, we asked which “modern” Sonic game has the best gameplay experience when you factor everything in – controls, art design, music, etc. With 540 votes cast, here’s what you said:

Sonic Generations239 votes (44%)
Sonic Unleashed (daytime) – 211 votes (39%)
Sonic Colors48 votes (9%)
Sonic Forces 27 votes (5%)
Sonic Lost World15 votes (3%)

Sonic Generations, with its colorful visuals and polished control scheme, topped the list with nearly half the votes. Following close behind in second was Sonic Unleashed‘s high-octane daytime stages and their vibrant, globe-trotting environments. Together, the two games claimed over 80% of the total responses!

Things take a turn from there. Though easy on the eyes, the slower pace and emphasis on 2D in Sonic Colors meant it claimed a distant third with just about ten percent of the vote. Sonic Forces fared even worse, with its uninspired level themes and rough controls falling short in comparison to the other games. Sonic Lost World‘s experimental gameplay makes it the black sheep of the “modern” games, and it brought up the rear in our poll.

Feel free to discuss these results in the comments below. A new site poll is available to vote on, and it’s about a hypothetical TSSZ Discord server!