Sonic Forces Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl

Sonic Forces Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl

by April 14, 2018

Just announced at the Sonic Forces information session at SEGA FES 2018 in Japan is news of a vinyl release coming for the music of Sonic Forces.

We don’t have immediate details on what will be included, and the release date itself is a little sketchy–it originally appeared to be June but that may not be the case.

We’ll try and get some clarification on a track list and more specific release timetable and bring them here when we have them.

In related news, Fist Bump, the main vocal theme to Forces, will be added to Sega’s Maimai arcade rhythm game in due course.

We continue to monitor anything that may come out of the SEGA FES in Japan this weekend, with details here as they become available. You can also watch several of the major events, including the Sonic DJ set live at 4AM today, on our streaming service TSSZ Plus.