Ian Flynn Talks About Whether Sticks Will Appear In IDW Sonic

Ian Flynn Talks About Whether Sticks Will Appear In IDW Sonic

by April 16, 2018

A new episode of the BumbleKast has been released. This time, the Q&A is the focus of the episode. Once again, we got some information about the fate of a Sonic character:

At some point in the IDW Sonic, when will we see the IDW version of Sticks show up and be a part of that universe? In fact, could we see Sticks and IDW Amy Rose become BFFs?

“We’ll work backwards on that. As far as I can tell, the canon version of Sticks is that she is always friends with Amy. So that can just be assumed I guess. When, where, and how we introduce Sticks to the comic, I’m not going to say, because that would be spoilerific. I’m sure she’ll show up at some point because she’s super popular. She’s, like, the only spin-off material that has bridged the gap into main canon that I can think of off the top of my head. And I’m not counting the Freedom Fighters showing up in Spinball, that’s another thing altogether. That doesn’t count, really. So, yeah, Sticks will show up at some point.”

Kyle asked Ian if Sticks would have the same design: “Yeah, because her art on Sonic Channel is pretty much the same so it looks like she’s just coming over wholesale”.


The video can be seen down below. The question about Sticks is asked at the 26 minute mark.