Final Focus: Aaron Webber, Alex Solverson, and SANIC

Final Focus: Aaron Webber, Alex Solverson, and SANIC

by May 2, 2018

Final Focus is a series that highlights the best interviews conducted on TSSZ News Final, a live, somewhat regularly scheduled longform interview program airing Saturday nights on TSSZ Plus. Be sure to follow TSSZ Plus on Twitch to be alerted when we go live.

In this edition of the Focus, we talk to two of the key players behind Sonic’s recent renaissance among both the immediate and larger video game community–but not about what you think.

You may remember the one week long, April Fools timed stunt of the SANIC merchandise collection. Plenty bought into it…literally. While only consisting of a t-shirt, mug, and cell phone case for sale, the effort proved successful not just in sales, but in the ongoing spirit of Sonic’s social media revolution.

On TSSZ News Final, we spoke to Aaron Webber, widely known in the community for his engagement of the Sonic brand, as well as Alex Solverson, who both explained how the idea hatched from a simple comment at a meeting, the approval process (which included Takashi Iizuka,) and the production process to bring SANIC to life with little source material available. Silly as it sounds, our discussion is excellent insight into what makes a successful, creative social media campaign.