Sonic Modathlon Charity Stream Begins May 7th, Hosted By AeroArtwork

Sonic Modathlon Charity Stream Begins May 7th, Hosted By AeroArtwork

by May 4, 2018

May 7th-11th AeroArtwork will be hosting the Sonic Modathlon charity stream, an event through Extra Life where various different streamers will be playing a wide selection of Sonic the Hedgehog rom hacks and mods. The event will have a focus on classic games, (Sonic Mania included) and is sponsored by none other than Sonic Paradox.

When asked about the event, AeroArtwork had this to say.

“Sonic fans have played a huge part in the blue blur’s history. Fans have shown their love towards the series by making their own Sonic games, resulting in hundreds of different games being made. We’d like to take a look at many of these mods, giving back to the community for their hard work over the years, and of course donating to kids in need!”

A full list of incentives has also been decided on, as seen below. Those who donate enough can enter themselves in a drawing to win one of these prizes at the end of the event.

Also, according to Aero:

In order for T-Shirts to become available, we must reach a total donation incentive past $300. Depending on how that goes, each shirt may end up being between $10 to $20 each.

Some other guests you can expect to see on stream are RedhotsonicGarrulous64CelestOrion, Nattastic, and myself. Listed below is a full schedule of events and games planned for the week.

You can catch the event live from May 7th-11th on AeroArtwork’s Twitch channel, as well as TSSZ Plus, where we’ll be relaying the stream daily from 10am to 7pm CST. Should be a fun time – hope to see you all there!