Trap Tower Revealed for Mania Plus via OST Tracklist

Trap Tower Revealed for Mania Plus via OST Tracklist

by May 11, 2018

It would appear Sega, Taxman, Stealth, and the Sonic Mania Team have at least one more significant surprise in store for players of Sonic Mania Plus when it launches in July: A new pinball-themed bonus stage.

A release of the full 2CD soundtrack listing for the Japanese editions of Plus via Mania’s Japanese website reveals four new pieces of music to be included, one of which is described as Trap Tower: a pinball bonus stage.

It should be noted, in keeping with the revival of SegaSonic the Hedgehog arcade characters Mighty and Ray, Trap Tower is also a callback to the AM3-developed platformer. Trap Tower is the final arcade version’s fourth stage, which you can watch in action below. There is no indication so far as to whether this new stage will have a similar look, feel, or style to Trap Tower, which was originally executed in isometric 3D.

We’ll keep you updated on any releases or new information regarding this new addition ahead of Plus’s July release.