Fan Fridays: Sonic Smashified

Fan Fridays: Sonic Smashified

by June 8, 2018 1 comment

With E3 only a few days away, I thought it’d be only fitting to get in the spirit with some “smashing” artwork. Listed below we can see artists SirloinBurgers, Atlas-Divide, and Koghog have all thrown in their hats towards “smashifying” some of our favorite Sonic characters, visualizing how they could appear if included in the series’ upcoming new installment.

If you like what you see, be sure to check out each artist in the links listed above. We’re always on the lookout for future fan work to spotlight, so if you have a project you’d like to share, be sure to send us a link at!

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  1. sonicgalaxg27
    #1 sonicgalaxg27 8 June, 2018, 16:44

    You know Ryan Schneckloth, the artworks reminds me of smash bros poses.

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