Jim Carrey Is Negotiating To Play The Role Of Robotnik In The Sonic Movie

Jim Carrey Is Negotiating To Play The Role Of Robotnik In The Sonic Movie

by June 29, 2018 14 comments

Another Sonic movie cast member has been announced. And this one is a big one:

Here’s an intriguing combination: Jim Carrey and Sonic The Hedgehog. Sources said Carrey is negotiating to star in the Paramount film in the role of Robotnik, a villain in the live action/CGI adaptation of the hit Sega video game.

Carrey, who spends a lot of his time now painting and sketching, last starred in Dark Crimes and Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond and he has been exec producing the Showtime series I’m Dying Up Here and he’s exec producing and starring in Showtime’s Kidding which premieres in September.

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  1. Ryan
    #1 Ryan 29 June, 2018, 19:01

    This is great! And looking at other sites which previously snubbed the idea of a Sonic movie, this casting seems to have got loads of people very excited!

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  2. Rarefoil
    #2 Rarefoil 29 June, 2018, 19:18

    (A few attempts to start speaking that shut down after one syllable later)

    …On paper, this seems logical. And it makes some sense, yeah. I could see it working, Carry’s good.

    But I have some caveats that are already broken.
    For one, I feel this could only work if Jim Carrey doesn’t bring his “Carreyness” to the role (you know, his highly zany stick, The Mask, Riddler in Batman Forever). Yes, Eggman’s a goofy character, but he’s not _that_ goofy (at least if we’re talking the games). Goofyness is just one part of him, he’s also menacing, angry, and bonkers narcissistic. He’s a bit like the Joker. I’ve always thought comparing Eggman to such a great character like The Joker is a bit rich, but there are some common elements between them. Comedic characters who impose and are threatening, or at least try to.
    For Carrey to pull this off, he has to add some neuance to his “Carreyness” persona, not just be a spastic Tex Avery cartoon. And that’s likely not happening, since they probably got Carrey to do just that.
    (DISCLAIMER: As someone who’s only see Jim Carrey in action a grand total of ONE whole film, I do not have enough info to judge his acting ability as a whole or if other performances deviate from my assumption. If I am totally off base, feel free to disregard the above paragraph, and tell me so.)

    Now, him being Eggman in live action? Uh-uh. The amount of makeup and costuming and effort on his part to look somewhat like Eggmam would be frankly ridiculous. The Sonic Fan Film, while had some bad ideas, got a pretty good compromise on an live-action Eggman being good-looking and being Eggman. And I can’t picture Jim Carrey being morphed into that figure, especially on a height basis. Unless they’re going for the 06 design, in which case Paramount what the fuck. …Maybe my imagination is limited there, tho.

    With that said, this is probably the best concrete info I’ve heard on this film so far. It’s getting one little bit of the franchise right, which shows some effort. And the fact that they even bothered to get such a well-known name like him, again, shows some effort and commitment to this project. Which is also terrifying in certain ways.

    This film is getting more high profile by the month. It’s either gonna be a high profile success or failure, more than the usual video game movie. It’ll either be our 89 Batman or… one of the early-early Marvel films.

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    • Hero
      Hero 29 June, 2018, 20:22

      Yyyyyyyeeeeeah, Carrey hasn’t exactly been “goofy/zany” that much lately. If anything he’s went the exact opposite, he’s acting all “woke” as if the comedic persona he’s been known for all these years has been just one long method-acting performance and he’s finally taken the mask off (pun not entirely intended). If you’re a person concerned for his well-being, great he’s not actually crazy I guess. But if you were a fan of his wacky antics, it means he’s relatively “boring” now, the “Jim Carrey” you knew of is gone.

      Now I agree that on paper it is an interesting idea to cast him as Eggman. But my problem with it is the exact opposite of yours. I’m afraid he’s going to be too “new-Carrey” with it, like he’ll be trying too hard to make Eggman a tortured individual or something, when what we really want is a comedically threatening villain that you can both laugh at AND take seriously (but not too seriously).

      Honestly if we can only pick between the two, I’d much rather see the opposite since it means he’s trying to entertain and lighten up again. But for the movie’s sake, I’m really hoping he brings a performance that does justice for the character, because so far this movie is sounding like a dangerous experiment of incompatible ideas.

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      • ack...
        ack... 30 June, 2018, 06:01

        That’s not good to read. Not that jim carrey acting as eggman was a good idea to me but at least I thought it wouldn’t be a terrible idea but knowing he’s “woke” now makes me hate this even more.

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      • Chaos Control Freak
        Chaos Control Freak 1 July, 2018, 18:11

        Jim Carrey will act the way the script and director tell him to.

        That’s how movies work…

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  3. Shadowbane2009
    #3 Shadowbane2009 29 June, 2018, 23:32

    Suddenly I got the feeling of Eggman’s bot guy Morph here for some reason but if you want to have me 😆 on this subject is if they have him say a simple one liner “SMOOOKIIINNNN!!!” that will do it. I dunno what to think yet about Jim Carey on this yet. Hmmm I guess I’ll have to see him do a few takes first before I’m 100% sold on this.

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  4. Ninetails2000
    #4 Ninetails2000 30 June, 2018, 02:43

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  5. Sonick
    #5 Sonick 30 June, 2018, 03:40

    Well I for one am a huge Jim Carrey fan, and I can actually sorta see this working. I mean I’m more of a fan of the more serious versions of Dr. Eggman/Robotnik, but I’d still love to see his take. I know he’s been doing more serious stuff lately, but he returned to comedy a few years ago with Dumb and Dumber To. I know it didn’t do as well as the first (there’s no way that it possibly could), but I still enjoyed it. As far as whether his character will be live-action or cgi, I’d probably bet it’ll be live-action just considering he’s a human character. Plus he’s always been a master of disguise. I dunno, I know some people aren’t into Carrey and that’s cool, but I’m actually kind of excited to see what he brings to the character.

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  6. DaddlerTheDalek
    #6 DaddlerTheDalek 30 June, 2018, 09:47

    Wow. I could see Carrey as Eggman working.

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  7. Rock-DJ
    #7 Rock-DJ 30 June, 2018, 17:20

    Finally. One redeeming quality for me. I’m actually considering watching it now.

    Always been a fan of Jim Carrey. Although I feel he’s sort of lost his mind lately.

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  8. Mic509hael
    #8 Mic509hael 1 July, 2018, 17:59

    I do believe that maybe Jim Carrey might play a live action Dr. Eggman who is younger, or a CGI Dr. Eggman. Either way, this oughtta be fun.

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  9. Hifihedgehog
    #9 Hifihedgehog 2 July, 2018, 17:08

    RIP Sonic movie. Yes, I hate Carrey’s acting but this is the final nail in the coffin for this and it has nothing to do with his acting. He is just too high profile, so when this hastily cobbled amalgamation of a movie hits the box office, you can bet everyone and their dog will be paying attention that it and literally no one will forget it when it crashes and burns. Honestly, I am sorely disappointed when going the safer classic fully animated CGI route would have been infinitely much better for fans and non-fans alike—see Wreck-It Ralph. Geesh, and people thought Sonic Forces was polarizing when this beaut of a movie has the potential to leave a Pearl Harbor-like imprint on the fan base.

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  10. Axis
    #10 Axis 3 July, 2018, 12:16

    Ok, tbh I never expected Eggman to make or break this movie, but alas I hope he doesn’t steal too much spotlight from the main 4.

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