Sonic IDW Comic Con 2018 Panel Confirmed For July 19th

Sonic IDW Comic Con 2018 Panel Confirmed For July 19th

by July 5, 2018 7 comments

Another Sonic panel is coming up, and this one will be for the comics:

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Way Past Cool Panel

Sonic The Hedgehog has raced back into comics, bringing old enemies and new friends along for the ride. IDW editors Joe Hughes and David Mariotte, artist Evan Stanley, Sega licensing specialist Michael Cisneros, director of product development Austin Keys, and head of Sonic team Takashi Iizuka discuss comics and upcoming games, make some surprise announcements, and more!
Thursday July 19, 2018 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Takashi Iizuka wasn’t at the last SDCC Sonic IDW panel. As for the “surprise announcements”, considering that “upcoming games” are mentioned, we might be getting a few more character reveals for Team Sonic Racing. As always, we’ll be around to cover the event!

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  1. William Afton
    #1 William Afton 5 July, 2018, 20:45

    I actually unsubscribed from IDW Sonic….the whole situation in comics right now is pretty cringe to me. 😛

    You can see what I mean with this vid about Flynn and his recent behavior:

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    • Marco9966
      Marco9966 6 July, 2018, 03:48

      So you’re gonna unsubscribe because of your political views?
      Not everybody has to have the same opinions as you.

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      • William Afton
        William Afton 11 July, 2018, 15:44

        Comics in general aren’t interesting to me anymore..

        I’ve found IDW Sonic’s current story to be boring, average at best. Art was ok, but not the best.

        And I could care less if my politics are not what his are, but I don’t think that we should say things like “If you’re not 100% on board with my views then we’re not gonna get along”.

        You may agree with that view of his, but I find it counter productive to being the writer of a franchise which has fans from several different backgrounds.

        And personally I’d like to see someone else who was not part of Archie Sonic write the books, and see what they could do.

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        • LogiTeeka
          LogiTeeka 11 July, 2018, 18:17

          If they were to get anyone else to write for the comic, their creative input would likely be no different from Ian’s since SEGA still has the final word on the matter.

    • LogiTeeka
      LogiTeeka 11 July, 2018, 13:32

      Politics be damned. I’m reading the series because I want a more engaging Sonic experience.

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    • LogiTeeka
      LogiTeeka 11 July, 2018, 15:42

      Politics be damned. I’m sticking to the comics because it’s the only current Sonic medium that’s still engaging.

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  2. DK Fan
    #2 DK Fan 6 July, 2018, 00:36

    Bit of a spoiler alert for people who haven’t read issue 6 yet, but I have a theory as to why there appears to be two Dr. Eggmen. I think that somehow, interaction with the Phantom Ruby during the final battle in Sonic Forces caused Dr. Eggman to separate into pieces, each having a small portion of Eggman’s overall personality, as well as at least one of his abilities. “Mr. Tinker” for example, carries Eggman’s carefulness, as well as his ability to build things.

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