Ian Flynn BumbleKing Sonic IDW FAQ Released

Ian Flynn BumbleKing Sonic IDW FAQ Released

by July 29, 2018

Ian Flynn has gotten a lot of the same Sonic IDW questions, so he decided to put up a Sonic IDW FAQ page. Quite few very interesting topics were covered, including the Freedom Fighters:


Why did the Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog comics end?

A variety of reasons. I do not know any of them first-hand, nor are any of them public.
I will not openly speculate about what happened.

Is it true the Archie!Sonic comics ended because of lawsuits?

No.Lawsuits were responsible for the reboot of the narrative, but they were not the deciding factor for the series as far as I know.

What were your plans for the Archie!Sonic series?

I will be compiling my pre-reboot and post-reboot plans in a series called “Lost Hedgehog Tales.” It has been put on indefinite hiatus as various private factors are worked out. These are all beyond my control. You can find more information here.

What was your involvement in the Sonic franchise’s transition from Archie Comics to IDW Publishing?
None. The ending of the series caught me by surprise, and I had no idea what the future held. Once I learned IDW Publishing had acquired the license, I had just as much a chance to write the series as anyone else. IDW Publishing reached out to me in large part thanks to fan demand.

What characters from other Sonic the Hedgehog properties can we expect in IDW!Sonic?

For the moment, IDW!Sonic will only be using elements from the “Modern Sonic” side of the franchise. Presently there are no plans to bring in any elements from any of the cartoons or

Will the Freedom Fighters appear in IDW!Sonic?

They will not appear during Year One. Beyond that it is up to SEGA to decide if they are accessible to us.

Will [Character] show up? Will [Game Event] be referenced?

I cannot spoil future events of the series. You will have to wait and see.

Is it true Mighty, Ray, and other characters will not appear in IDW!Sonic?

Yes. At the moment, SEGA has requested a distinct division between “Classic Sonic” and “Modern Sonic.” Since IDW!Sonic is set within the “Modern Sonic” universe, the “Classic Sonic” material is currently unavailable to us.