Fan Fridays: Metal Sonic’s Adventure

Fan Fridays: Metal Sonic’s Adventure

by August 17, 2018

(Includes a toy)

In less than two weeks, a new phenomenon has taken the fanbase by storm. Reaching 4,000 followers in only ten days, Metal Sonic’s Adventure is a Twitter page that aims to document the day to day tendencies we don’t see from our favorite metal doppelgänger.

Join Metal Sonic and his dog Cubot (yes, Cubot), as they join the likes of Eggman, Mecha Sonic and more. Watch as they accomplish daily tasks such as grocery shopping, paying bills, walking the dog, and eating at McDonald’s.  Look out for Sonic and Tails, two villainous rivals dead set on ruining Metal Sonic’s day.

The story acts in real time, resulting in no arc overstaying its welcome. At the time of writing this, Knuckles is currently searching for (the already dead) Eggman, while Metal Sonic is drinking/eating a jar of mayo. Given the circumstances, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re on a new venture by the time this article’s published.

To give you a taste of what to expect we’ve summarized the first arc in the series, where Metal must avenge the loss of his best friend. Later events include giving Cubot a body, chasing Tails to Canada, and playing Puyo Puyo in Hell. This is only scratching the surface, folks. If you find this engaging, be sure to catch the full adventure on Twitter, and learn how this look-alike isn’t quite as bad as he seems.

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