SAGE 2018 Booth Overviews: Set 8

SAGE 2018 Booth Overviews: Set 8

by August 27, 2018

Every day of SAGE, TSSZ will give you brief overviews of each booth’s amazing community content. Be sure to check back during the expo for more, and look out for Ryan Bloom giving each work a separate mini-review! You can play all games featured by heading to SAGE and clicking on the Games tab.

Hyper’s Quest 2: Tube-iverse in Peril

This game lets you take control of Hyper, a yellow hedgehog on a mission to save the Sonic Youtubers of the world. Yes folks; Sonic Youtubers. The demo includes levels from both Mania and Forces (as well as some new ones), two boss fights, and even animated cutscenes. It’s an interesting premise for sure. Feel free to try it for yourself and see what’s in store.


Well this is a unique concept. LampMan is an original 2D platformer/shooter set in a world of lamp people.  The demo tells a woeful tale of vengeance and doom as you set across the land of LampWorld. Will you be able to stop the evil Darklamp?

Sonic AGES

The Sonic CD intro has been a fan favorite for years. So much so, that fans have started wondering what a full Toei styled game would like like. Well that’s exactly what Sonic Ages sets out to do. Featuring custom hand drawn sprites, this demo is a real treat for the eyes. You quite literally start off on a sheet of paper, as you race across pencils and erasers towards the next zone, that of which is drawn from scratch, enemies and all. Animation fans, be sure to check this one out!

Sonic: Dream Plant

Sonic Dream Plant is another classic inspired game, this time deciding to take the dream concept and totally run with it. Instead of the typical greens and oranges, you’ll be seeing a lot of pinks and purples, as well as a twinkling night sky. Old concepts are made new, adding purpose to the score and a new way to enter the special stages. NiGHTS fans might want to give this a look, if not for the style alone.

Sonic Limitless

Sonic Limitless is another 2D side scroller, but not in the way you’d expect. The gameplay featured here is instead based on Sonic Generations. The level included in the demo seems to be based off of Game Land from Sonic Colors. Have fun playing with the boost, homing attack, trick system and red rings all the way to the end.