SAGE 2018 Booth Overviews: Set 10

SAGE 2018 Booth Overviews: Set 10

by August 28, 2018

Every day of SAGE, TSSZ will give you brief overviews of each booth’s amazing community content. Be sure to check back during the expo for more, and look out for Ryan Bloom giving each work a separate mini-review! You can play all games featured by heading to SAGE and clicking on the Games tab.

Sonic Alpha

Sonic Alpha is a combination of multiple. It takes cues from both Sonic 3 and Sonic CD, draws inspiration from  Sonic XG, Sonic Nexus, Sonic Classic and Sonic Axiom, and ties it all together with some Mania styled flare. The demo lets you play through “Angelic Angel Island Zone,” and features a playable Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Mighty.

Sonic Liquid Survival

Sonic’s defeated many foes before, but can he defeat the ultimate enemy… hunger? That’s the question Sonic Liquid Survival seems to ask. Set off as Sonic and friends in this open world 3D fangame made in the Bumper Engine. The game boasts itself in its lack of boost pads, instead including iconic features such as elemental shields and special stages.  An original story is also planned, but for now you can enjoy the demo’s deserted island as you explore secrets and hidden pathways.

Sonic Islands

Another promising attempt at 3D gameplay is Sonic Islands, a game that sets to mix the classic physics with the modern moveset, along with some new abilities. What makes Islands unique is its focus on acrobatics, smooth platforming, and flicky collecting. The demo includes a large zone to explore, with emeralds hidden about that grant you new moves. There’s a lot of potential here, so be the judge and try it out for yourself.

Sonic Smash Revived

Sonic Smash Revived is a new attempt at bringing Sonic and friends to the fighting world. It goes less for the likes of Sonic Battle or Fighters, and more towards that of Super Smash Bros. The demo features three stages and nine characters, with an early super mode featuring Super Sonic and Super Shadow. There’s also both online and local play. Smash fans, be sure to check this one out.

Sonic Saga

Tails must’ve had a sick day, because this time around we’re playing as Sonic and Ray. Sonic Saga isn’t currently a game, but more of an engine test for an idea the creator had some time ago. Though there’s not a lot here, the demo does include one zone and two characters to mess around with.