SAGE 2018 Booth Overviews: Set 12

SAGE 2018 Booth Overviews: Set 12

by August 30, 2018

Sonic Mania – The Misfits Pack

The goal of Misfits Pack is simple: take the series’ infamous bad levels and make them good. This Mania mod plans to reimagine six infamous zones, with one brand new zone added to the mix. Though the demo only features a few, it’s easy to see how the team will be breaking expectations.

Sonic and the Mayhem Master

Inspired by the storybook series and Mother 3, Sonic and the Mayhem Master is an RPG that offers a new spin on the series. Here you take control of a very different Sonic, one with his own story to tell. In this world Sonic lacks his speed, instead opting for moves such as the grapple, cling, stretch and more. Have fun solving mysteries as you discover just what this steampunk world has to offer.

Sonic Cosmic Eternity

Sonic Cosmic Eternity is a unique 3D entry, due to it’s mix of elements from Sonic Adventure, Unleashed, and Zero Gravity. Yeah, weren’t expecting that last one, were you? This time around Sonic has a new Riders inspired move, the Dash Drift, a variation in which time slows down allowing you to make sharp turns. The demo features a new zone and an array of moves to play with, so try it for yourself today.

Sonic Black Blizzard

Another classic inspired entry is Sonic Black Blizzard, a sidescroller with familiar gimmicks and some new additions. Taking place after Sonic 3 & Knuckles, this game features an in game talk system, allowing for some unique narrative opportunities. There’s also cutscenes, making for quite the cinematic experience.