Sonic 2 Coming to SEGA AGES Switch Lineup

Sonic 2 Coming to SEGA AGES Switch Lineup

by September 12, 2018

With the SEGA AGES version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog slated for release on Nintendo Switch later this month, we now know through the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine its sequel will follow there in short order, also getting the SEGA AGES treatment.

Sonic 2 will join four other classic Sega games as part of the initiative. While we don’t know exactly what enhancements are planned, we do know Outrun will have new music, and Columns II will feature online battle capability. Space Harrier and Thunder Force AC will be a part of the second round as well.

There is a particularly high bar this go around for a Sonic 2 re-release; you may recall what is now the Sega Forever mobile edition of Sonic 2 was originally the Taxman remaster and included, among other improvements, a fully finished and playable Hidden Palace Zone.

No release date for this second round of legacy titles has been disclosed yet. We do know that SEGA AGES will have a stage presentation at the Tokyo Game Show, which begins next week. We will monitor that for any new information