Fan Fridays: Expressive Art

Fan Fridays: Expressive Art

by September 28, 2018 1 comment

It’s fun to go off-model. Plain and simple, it’s a blast seeing just how far an artist can take a character by exaggerating their expressions and stretching their proportions like rubber. This is made apparent by artists ShenaniganzaEeyorbStudios, Lotusbandicoot, and Cubiccyan, who have all showcased this skill wonderfully.

You can view a collection of their works in the gallery below. We’re always on the lookout for more fan content to spotlight, so if you have a project you’d like to share be sure to drop us a link over at!

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  1. Gijinka
    #1 Gijinka 4 October, 2018, 13:18

    Teen titans go sonic? No ty

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