Final Focus: Tracy Yardley at NYCC 2018

Final Focus: Tracy Yardley at NYCC 2018

by October 23, 2018

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Tracy Yardley, now a 12-year veteran of the Sonic comics across two publishers, has seen a lot in his time drawing and writing for the series. Because he is drawing and writing, it sort of comes with the territory.

It’s easy to laugh at that quip now. Yardley, along with several of his Archie Sonic colleagues, have successfully emerged from a painful, precipitous, and sudden cancellation of Archie’s Sonic series to start anew at IDW. For a series that lasted almost 25 years–one of the longest tenured American comics in history–community expectations were high. Now well into year one of the reboot, it’s been both the community and the familiar talent back on board for the new series that has helped Yardley and his work shine right out of the gate.

TSSZ caught up with Yardley on day one of the 2018 New York Comic Con where, behind the scenes, another significant change was already afoot, to hear his insights on how the new series is shaping up so far.