Rumor: Shadow May Be An Echo Fighter In Smash Bros. Ultimate

Rumor: Shadow May Be An Echo Fighter In Smash Bros. Ultimate

by October 24, 2018 9 comments

Oh dear.

A major Smash Bros. Ultimate leak surfaced today. It looks to be from an employee that used to work at a company collaborating with Bandai Namco on the game. There are even new renders for the Grinch movie, which is supposed to release around the time that the game comes out.

So why am I writing it? Because the entire Smash roster may have been spoiled. And Sonic fans may have another character representing the franchise on the roster. Shadow the Hedgehog seems to be on the way, including a new render, to be Sonic’s Echo Fighter.

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  1. Kid Kaos
    #1 Kid Kaos 24 October, 2018, 16:47

    while I do think Shadow is in Smash, I doubt this image is real or that he is an Echo Fighter (I strongly believe he’s gonna have his own unique moveset, I think the only way anyone can think he’ll be an Echo is if they don’t understand or care about him as a character).

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    • Disgustedorite
      Disgustedorite 25 October, 2018, 07:08

      I don’t think shadow’s character has anything to do with the fact that you can just reskin a few moves to look like they involve chaos control and nothing else to make him a true echo

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      • Kid Kaos
        Kid Kaos 25 October, 2018, 10:14

        here’s the thing: Think about every time we see Shadow fighting in cutscenes then compare it to how Sonic does it (Take the openings for Sonic Unleashed and Shadow the Hedgehog for example): Sonic relies on rushing at enemies with speed, doing homing attacks, spin dashes, and the usual game moves. he rarely rely on punching or kicking. but Shadow does, when we see him fight he’s usually much more aggresive, he punches people, kicks them in the head all while teleporting everywhere, to the point that Sega even tried to implement that part of him in his moveset in Sonic ’06.

        Seeing Shadow do Sonic’s normals is not gonna feel like Shadow, even for his specials, I think he should only share the down b and neutral b, replacing up B with Chaos control, and side b with Chaos spear, (also having his smash attacks be energy blasts like his launchers in Sonic Battle)

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  2. SSJSonicXX14
    #2 SSJSonicXX14 25 October, 2018, 02:01

    They aren’t new Grinch renders the fact that was used to validate this leaks make me think that disinformation was planted by the creator in the event this is a hoax. This series has had countless detailed hoaxes yet you still have people attacking anyone that questions this one, they live in such a mindless vapid hype culture that they forget things like the Rayman hoax.

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    • Hanging Waters
      Hanging Waters 25 October, 2018, 13:27

      Exactly this.

      1. The Grinch renders aren’t new. There is proof of this in the Smash Bros sub “leak” megathread. All of the renders shown are pre-existing assets, except for the little glimpse of the Grinch’s hips that hasn’t been identified yet.

      2. The man is not affiliated with Bandai-Namco. He left the company that worked with them in 2016, and he now works at a completely different company, while the first company no longer works with Bamco anyway.

      3. The resolution of the image is SO BAD that you could take virtually any render of the characters made by a fan and it could look real. The pixel count of each character is extremely low and the background image is oddly inconsistent with the real poster.

      4. Someone on the sub also pointed out that the printing method used to produce the Smash materials is a different format from the method that the company uses for official promo materials, and they appear to be using an older version of the company software.

      I think it’s a little too early to be calling this a leak. Nintendo could just as easily be removing it from the internet because people are believing it en masse and if they release a character trailer that isn’t in the image people are GOING to be disappointed and probably very upset, as they usually are.

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  3. Disgustedorite
    #3 Disgustedorite 25 October, 2018, 07:16

    On those calling this fake: A real person’s name is connected to this, and it’s not one of the usual names you’d see someone use when giving a leak “credibility”. Nintendo has been taking the images down from search results as well, just like when concept art for Pokémon Sun & Moon was leaked. The amount of editing that would have to be done to the image is immense–remember, the rayman hoax didn’t have a ton of new renders or reorganize official artwork. If this is fake, it would have to have required more effort than any other fake leak known to exist.

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  4. Hanging Waters
    #4 Hanging Waters 25 October, 2018, 13:19

    Could you guys please refrain from using the sensationalist “leak” nonsense language?

    It’s not a leak; it’s just a rumor, and I expected you guys would at least cover it as such. I know the article says “RUMOR” up front, but this isn’t a leak at all.

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  5. Rad
    #5 Rad 27 October, 2018, 23:02

    Yaknow. I’ve been trying to dodge these leaks because I don’t want the direct that will most likely happen to be ruined. It would REALLY help if your article about “spoilers” didn’t actively have the spoiler in the title. What a bummer moment for me. Thanks.

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  6. Kabam!
    #6 Kabam! 3 November, 2018, 14:37

    My gosh, the leak was 100% fake. What a surprise.

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