Fan Fridays: Storyboards by StarTails

Fan Fridays: Storyboards by StarTails

by November 2, 2018 0 comments

Sonic fits in the world of animation like a glove. After all, he is an animated character, and he does wear gloves. Not even counting the five series he’s starred in, Sonic’s been killing it this year alone with Sonic Mania Adventures, and cameos in both Ready Player One and Wreck-It Ralph 2.  To continue this legacy, an animator by the name of StarTails has decided to draft his own Sonic animatics, taking a look back at Sonic Colors as well as some new ideas in the style of Mania Adventures.

You can view more of StarTails’ content on both YouTube and Twitter. We’re always searching for fan work to spotlight, so if you too have a project you’d like to share, then please send us a link at!

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