Video Review: Sonic Mania Plus

Video Review: Sonic Mania Plus

by November 10, 2018

When I published my original Sonic Mania video, I took a calculated gamble. I’d finished the review only days before the release of Sonic Mania Plus, and there were two major decisions influencing that video’s release:

One, momentum for the video was barreling down the rails like a freight train. I didn’t want to pull the brakes and essentially start over on a new review for Plus. And two, we knew from the leak that there probably wouldn’t be that many dramatic or revolutionary changes for Plus, meaning most of my original review would stick regardless of what version I was talking about. The plan was to publish the original Mania review and then do a short follow-up to talk about Plus. I was expecting that follow-up video to clock in at around five to seven minutes long, tops.

The above video review is over 20 minutes. Make of that what you will.


Final Score
3.5out of 5

Too much in some places, but not enough in others.