Sonic Movie Teaser Shown Off At Paramount’s Comic Con Experience 2018 Presentation

Sonic Movie Teaser Shown Off At Paramount’s Comic Con Experience 2018 Presentation

by December 6, 2018 8 comments

First Sonic movie news we’ve gotten in a while, but it’s not exactly good news. It was in Portuguese, so here’s the English translation:

Premiere Line was present at the fifth edition of Comic Con Experience in São Paulo with our editor Matheus Maskalenka , who has great information about Paramount’s presentation at CCXP. From Bumblebee to SONIC, the studio came strong for the show and we will describe everything that has come to you.

After the individual presentations, it was time to look ahead. Paramount has unveiled its line-up of films for the future, featuring Top Gun: Maverick, Dora the Explorer, GI Joe 3, De Sudden Family, Dungeons and Dragons, and a preview of SONIC.

Sonic’s preview made Cinemark’s audience agitated. The teaser began with a close close on the face of the hedgehog, which is at the same time as caricature, textured and realistic. Something in Detective Pikachu’s suit. After this we see a plane of the character running and breaking the sound barrier.
Sonic The Hedgehog hits theaters on November 14, 2019.

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  1. DaddlerTheDalek
    #1 DaddlerTheDalek 6 December, 2018, 17:09

    Translation does sound a little weird.

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  2. Rarefoil
    #2 Rarefoil 6 December, 2018, 17:12

    Okay, it’s going for a Detective Pikachu style…. Um… Um…….

    You know, when I saw the reveal trailer for that, one of my first thoughts was if this style would work for a Sonic movie. And much like my thoughts on Detective Pikachu, my brain couldn’t make an answer for that.

    If Sonic just has an elaborate fur texture and not full out Detective Pikachu style, then that could be perfectly acceptable. But full out “animal in real world with anime animal mix”? I’m honestly more shaky on that than with Detective Pikachu. And I’m still a bit shaky on that.

    Besides, in a weird way, it makes more sense for Detective Pikachu for have that style. It is meant to be a very real world movie that incidentally has Pokemon, and the Pokemon are already animals. As in, akin to real animals in this world. Most don’t speak, use baser instincts, and have to be trained like dogs. Pokemon are pretty much pets that have magical powers.

    But Sonic is a character born of anthropomorphism right from the start, he comes from a design language born from Walt Disney and Chuck Jones. He was a human who was also a hedgehog. He wasn’t an animal. Giving him that style would just not work for him.

    Well, regardless of whatever I’m trying to say here, this movie looks more and more like a reality with every passing day, and that makes me just a little more sad every passing day. I like this movie more when I knew nothing about it.

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  3. Dr Ryan
    #3 Dr Ryan 6 December, 2018, 17:39

    Lol it’s obviously just a translation error.

    Haha can you imagine an audience becoming visably agitated at a 10 second teaser for a family action movie.

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    • RaceProUK
      RaceProUK 6 December, 2018, 17:43

      A better translation has come through already which says the audience was excited, not agitated.

      And this is why you can’t rely on Google Translate: you need human translators 🙂

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    • Hifihedgehog
      Hifihedgehog 7 December, 2018, 08:15

      Google and all the rest of them translate the phrase literally. The fact is the word agitated in Portuguese can be used in a more positive light as “on the edge of my/your/his/her/their/our seat.”

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  4. Nuzamaki90
    #4 Nuzamaki90 7 December, 2018, 00:10

    Seems like we all thought we wouldn’t like it but just like Detective Pikachu it’s oddly exciting

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  5. JoeMD
    #5 JoeMD 9 December, 2018, 07:02

    I thought Detective Pikachu looked really cool so if it’s like that I’m all for it.

    And as someone who used to run a site that had to quite often translate stuff, yeah, don’t rely on Google.

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