Final Focus: Christmas with Sonic / Balena Productions

Final Focus: Christmas with Sonic / Balena Productions

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Final Focus features the interviews conducted on TSSZ News Final, which airs Saturday nights at 10:30PM ET on TSSZ Plus.

As part of our Series 3 Finale to close out the year, we invited Steven Page back on the program, along with Riana Dorsey joining us for the first time, to guide us through the development of Christmas with Sonic: Reunion and the state of Balena Productions.

In this interview, we touch on the short’s themes, the process behind Balena’s other fall production Sonic in Harvest Time Hazard, and the viability of being a content creator on Youtube in an increasingly fractured environment. We also put the duo on the spot and ask how many more times we could be spending Christmas with Sonic.

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