Fan Fridays: LixesPrototype

If you’re a recent fan of the series, it’s likely you’ve heard of LixesPrototype. Simply known as Lixes, this modeler has been rising in popularity with his renders, many of which bare striking resemblance to artwork from that of Sonic’s past. From

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Fan Fridays: TheLeoNamedGeo

This week our spotlight is pointed on TheLeoNamedGeo, an artist who specializes in colorful character portraits; literally. These aren’t just vibrant works, but intently done pieces that focus on the characters’ specific color schemes.  Aside from the solo pieces, she also

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Fan Fridays: MissNeens

We’re starting the year strong (or in this case, soft) with MissNeens’ vibrant and smooth digital artwork. When it comes to Sonic, MissNeens specializes in crafting up pieces from the classic branch featuring Sonic, Tails, and some additional game characters. Her

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