E-123 Omega VA Mignogna Responds to Inappropriate Behavior Allegations

E-123 Omega VA Mignogna Responds to Inappropriate Behavior Allegations

by January 21, 2019

Vic Mignogna, known in pop culture for his versatile voices across a wide variety of popular ANIME, and known in this community as the current voice of E-123 Omega in the Sonic games, publicly responded early Monday to several allegations of inappropriate behavior made against him, including alleged sexual misconduct.

Through a news tip, TSSZ learned Mignogna responded after allegations began surfacing on Twitter last week. They appear to have started with a thread from this poster below, and have multiplied from accounts of convention attendees where Mignogna was a guest.  Some of the allegations posted include video of the conduct.

It must be made clear that TSSZ has not verified the large swath of allegations charged, which range from belligerence toward convention staff, to homophobic and anti-Semitic remarks, to inappropriate remarks and conduct made toward underage girls in attendance at those conventions, and allegedly go back years.

No employer of Mignogna’s, including Sega, is on the record in response to those allegations. One convention, Rangerstop in Florida, has said they will investigate:

Mignogna posted a lengthy response to the allegations early this morning on his official Twitter page, apologizing to anyone who felt his actions were, in his words, “crossing a line,” as well as to staff at conventions who saw him at moments “anything less than kind and grateful”  — but denied saying any homophobic or anti-Semitic remarks or engaging in sexual misconduct.


Mignogna, a 20-year acting veteran, has been the voice of E-123 Omega for the Sonic series since 2010. He returned to the role in Sonic Forces and is expected to again in the upcoming Team Sonic Racing.