Three Conventions Cancel Mignogna Appearances After Allegations Continue

Three Conventions Cancel Mignogna Appearances After Allegations Continue

by January 30, 2019

Three prominent pop culture conventions – Rangerstop in Atlanta, Planet Comicon in Kansas City, and Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, have all notified this week via Twitter that Vic Mignogna, accused of an array of inappropriate behavior that has come to light in the ongoing #MeToo movement, will not be at their events.

All three were cancellations. Only one con, Planet Comicon, clarified that Mignogna initiated the cancellation.

Though two of those decisions were rendered earlier in the week, one came after ANIME News Network collected and published several detailed and disturbing accounts from event attendees over the years where Mignogna was a guest. The article, which includes several pieces of photographic evidence, makes clear all but one recollection has been vetted and corroborated by the organization.

As part of ANN’s reporting, they found Mignogna’s initial response to the wave of allegations from January 19th on a fan club’s Discord, two days before he would release a full statement to other social media channels apologizing for some of his behavior, but denying much of the more lurid accusations:

I am SO FAR from perfect. I’ve made many mistakes and will make many more. And I’m sure you all would agree that you do too. But all I can ask is that you decide for yourself by coming and meeting me in person, and form your own opinion on facts, not rumors … many people can have many reasons to make up garbage and slander others.

Mignogna, the voice of E-123 Omega in the Sonic series since 2010, has remained silent ever since releasing his last statement addressing the allegations last week.

ANN’s reporting indicates they reached out to several industry staff and voice actors about the allegations. Though none are named in the piece, none returned requests for comment. according to the article.