Funimation Drops Mignogna as Misconduct Allegations Multiply

Funimation Drops Mignogna as Misconduct Allegations Multiply

by February 11, 2019 12 comments

This evening, Funimation, a longtime employer of voice artist Vic Mignogna, announced via their Twitter account that the company recast his role in an upcoming Funimation production, and will no longer “be engaging” his services in future productions:

The moves comes as allegations of inappropriate behavior by him going back years continue to be shared on social media with the hashtag #KickVic. To this point, that has prompted all but one U.S. convention to cancel appearances by the longtime voice artist.  In addition, Rooster Teeth also fired Mignogna as a VA on the popular ANIME RWBY.

It now leaves Sega as Mignogna’s last major employer as of the time of this article’s publication. He remains the VA behind E-123 Omega, and there’s no indication whether that will remain the case for the upcoming Team Sonic Racing.

Mignogna, for his part, has released a couple new statements on Twitter in response to the allegations, the remark below being one of them:


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  1. MagicalWingLT
    #1 MagicalWingLT 11 February, 2019, 20:24

    OMG Seriously? So based on some fan girls words who were probably lying through their teeths because they probably didn’t get the attention they wanted from him they decided to get him fired by saying this crap…. If he was really doing this stuff this would of came to light years ago! So why now all of a sudden? Sorry but it whole thing sounds shady, and fishy…. All of a sudden a bunch of girls come forward? All at once? No…. And it’s supposedly based on their word because there is NO PROOF of it….. If you actually have photos, videos, or audio as proof then prove me wrong and post the links…. Otherwise this is all fake and he shouldn’t be fired… It’s INSANE….

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  2. Matteso586
    #2 Matteso586 11 February, 2019, 21:04

    Couldn’t they just hear Mignogna’s side of the story? From where I’m standing. They’re just jumping to conclusions.

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    • Icywind
      Icywind 12 February, 2019, 17:22

      They conducted an internal investigation into the matter, they didn’t just fire him because of some tweets. Vic being a creep has been an open secret for years, so the only thing Funimation has done wrong here is not firing him years ago.

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  3. Hifihedgehog
    #3 Hifihedgehog 11 February, 2019, 22:17

    @all: They likely have behind closed doors. It is policy typically especially if he has a contract to have to discuss this. The evidence is not just words of “he said, she said.” As TSSZNews shared a couple weeks back, there is well-documented photographic and recorded evidence. This includes photos of him as far as kissing underage teenage girls. Frankly, I am glad they are firing him because he is full of himself as well from what I have heard from my convention employees.

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  4. SSJ22Terris
    #4 SSJ22Terris 11 February, 2019, 23:14

    I’d be pretty surprised if he wasn’t still the voice of Omega for TSR at least. It’s probably to late to run new auditions and voice pick-ups. Maybe if they got an old voice for him, but that’d maybe be it. If Sega decides to make a move on this it’ll probably be around omega’s next appearnce.

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  5. Dodo94
    #5 Dodo94 12 February, 2019, 18:10

    Everyone should read that to know more about this case :

    I don’t see how you could defend him after reading it.

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  6. MagicalWingLT
    #6 MagicalWingLT 16 February, 2019, 16:20

    No… What I see is ALOT of people taking this WAY OUT of context…. I just saw this on the news recently how it’s getting to the point where people need consent to EVERY LITTLE THING. Do I need consent to even talk to a person next? Like Oh is it ok if I talk to you? My church pastor would hug peope as well. the pictures shown aboved showed nothing wrong… If it showed him kissing them on the lips or tongue, and having his hands on their boobs, or butt then I can see that as wrong. It’s getting very stupid now… Next it will be having to ask to shake hands….

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    • Hifihedgehog
      Hifihedgehog 17 February, 2019, 14:16

      “If it showed him kissing them on the lips…”

      The article that Dodo94 shared specifically showed photos of this misconduct, of him kissing underage teenage females on the lips, so there you go. Guilty. Case closed.

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