Fan Fridays: Sonic Villains

Fan Fridays: Sonic Villains

by February 15, 2019

Welcome back to another wonderful installment of Fan Fridays! This week we’ll be taking a look an animated fan film in the works, appropriately titled Sonic Villains. Now sure, I could tell you all about it… but why not hear it straight from the creator himself? Here’s what producer Arion Rashad had to say about the project.

Sonic Villains celebrates the nearly 30 years of alternate continuities spawned from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise in the most evil way possible. The film follows Eggman after the events of Sonic Forces as he uses the last of the mysterious Phantom Ruby to gather villains across almost EVERY SONIC UNIVERSE to regain control, and destroy Sonic in the craziest battle he’s faced yet.



Sonic isn’t alone in this multidimensional battle though! Along with the Resistance (led by Knuckles The Echidna and Amy Rose) comes help in the film’s second protagonist, Tekno the Canary (from the early Fleetway Sonic the Comic magazines.) When her chance to prove herself as a worthy hero arrises, Tekno the Canary joins SEGASonic in an attempt to fight against Dr. Eggman’s army of villains. But will her smarts alone be enough?



Sonic Villains gathers baddies big and small from across the entire franchise. Ranging from fandom creations like Sonic .EXE, Sonic X’s Dark Oak, Sonic Underground’s Sleet and Dingo, AOSTH’s S6 Squad &…. Sara from the Sonic OVA?! Huh, wonder why that is…?




My goal for Villains is to create a fanfilm that unapologetically LOVES EVERYTHING SONIC and tell a fun, action-packed story with a strong emotional core. Not only is Villains fun because you get to see all these baddies interacting with each other to take Sonic down, but the film itself follows a style very prominently seen in films like the LEGO Movies and Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. Films that celebrate the iconography of a particular subject matter, flaws & all, by telling a story that brings fans and non-fans together in a way that says: “No matter how you choose to enjoy this thing, know that it is all completely valid. This film is for ANYBODY who wants it.” I think fans old and new’ll find something to enjoy in what’s being made here.

Attached below are some posters for the film. While the project has no set release date, the passionate team behind it is working hard and welcoming newcomers. To find out more, check out Sonic Villains on their Twitter, Tumblr, and website. We’re always searching for fan work to highlight, so if you too have a project you’d like to share then please shoot us a link over at!

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