Second Full-Body Sonic Movie Render Emerges

Second Full-Body Sonic Movie Render Emerges

by March 4, 2019

With the help of TSSZ reporter Ryan Schneckloth and two additional sources who have requested anonymity from us due to the nature of the material, we are able to provide, on top of the style guide renders apparently inadvertently revealed today, a second full-body render of Sonic from the upcoming film.

Through those two sources, TSSZ has verified the authenticity of the below image:

You can see that the render is in line with the style guide imagery, which has now been seen hundreds of thousands of times through here, through our Twitter feed, other social media, and other forums – so much so that the Sonic movie was a US Trending topic on Twitter this evening.

We will continue to monitor developments, and if you have something to share concerning the Sonic movie, please send us a news tip or a DM on Twitter.