Fan Fridays: Sonic Movie Song (We Are Sonic)

Fan Fridays: Sonic Movie Song (We Are Sonic)

by March 8, 2019 0 comments

After this week’s recent string of leaks, why not lighten the mood towards the Sonic movie? Regardless of your thoughts on the film itself, this custom song put together by Thebymyself is undoubtedly a well-done love letter in hopes of a successful feature. Thebymyself goes on to explain how he grew up on the games and cartoons, and is really excited to see the film once it’s released. To hype the crowd up, he raps at a rapid pace only fitting for the blur blur. The song declares that if we work towards our goals without stopping, and continue to live in the moment, then we too can all be “Sonic.” Give it a listen – it’s sure to get your adrenaline rushing.

You can check out Thebymyself‘s full library of music on YouTube. We’re always searching for fan work to highlight, so if you too have a project you’d like to share then please shoot us a link over at!

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