Rumor: “I Saw The Sonic Movie” Reddit AMA Held

Rumor: “I Saw The Sonic Movie” Reddit AMA Held

by March 8, 2019 7 comments

The Sonic movie leak machine continues with a Reddit AMA held by a user that allegedly saw the movie. A lot of the answers were about the plot, but there are some other details as well:

  • The movie gears towards new fans, but it also respects older fans.
  • The movie is currently leaning towards a PG rating.
  • Sonic’s design is similar to the final 3D render that leaked earlier this week.
  • The CGI is currently unfinished.
  • Eggman, played by Jim Carrey, was discussed. He “looks skinny”, has “the typical long coat and all dark evil scientist look”, as well as a “short mustache”. The name “Eggman” is never mentioned in the film. Jim Carrey apparently does a great job doing the role.
  • The dialogue “starts cheesy but gets better”.
  • Sly jokes and adult content are not that heavy, saying that the movie is definitely “aimed at family and young kids who can pull their parents wallets for merch”.
  • Sonic’s friends, as well as the Chaos Emeralds, do not appear in the movie.
  • When comparing the film to another movie, the user says it’s like “TMNT with reference to story and action balance. It’s a solid mix between engaging action which continues to develop the bromance between sonic and Tom”.
  • The movie will also feature the origins of Sonic and Eggman.

We’ve kept the plot stuff to a minimum, just for the sake of potential spoilers.

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  1. Rarefoil
    #1 Rarefoil 8 March, 2019, 15:31

    “The name “Eggman” is never mentioned in the film.”

    Hey guys, remember when that awful Fan4stic movie was so afraid to be a superhero movie it barely qualified, didn’t use the heroes names, and never once even said the phrase “Fantastic Four?”

    Yeah, that wasn’t good then and it’s not good here. That just says to me you lack a lot of confidence in your source material.
    Also, skinny Eggman. There is nothing to say for that except “Wat.”

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    • Rarefoil
      Rarefoil 8 March, 2019, 15:42

      Apart from that, everything else sounds… _fiiiiiiiiinnnnnneeeeeee_, I guess. For an adaptation, I think just focusing on getting Sonic vs. Eggman right the first go is smart; this movie’s quality was never based on if Super Sonic or Charmy Bee made appearances. One could even swing “Eggman isn’t Eggman” as him slowly building up toward that name, foreshadowing it greatly, and having him boldly proclaim it before the end. But they’re not mentioning the name at all, so nuts to that.

      I still have no confidence in this movie however. Even if this sounds goods AND is true, how it’ll actually play out is still in the air. And I’ve seen nothing to not indicate that they’ll even take these bullet points and screw ’em up too.

      I mean, this probably came from a test screening, and test screenings are used to determine how good a movie is, who’s it for, and if they can improve it. So things could change.

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    • Shrekthebrucejohnson
      Shrekthebrucejohnson 8 March, 2019, 15:47

      The reason he isn’t called eggman is that he’s called robotnik that’s why I guess because it’s based on the American version of the first game idk

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  2. SSJSonicXX14
    #2 SSJSonicXX14 8 March, 2019, 15:39

    Really sounds like a plant look how vague and friendly it is

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  3. Hifihedgehog
    #3 Hifihedgehog 8 March, 2019, 19:36

    Generic Blue Hedgehog Movie starring Blue Chipmunk and Skinny Moustached White Guy With The Long Coat.

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  4. Hero
    #4 Hero 12 March, 2019, 01:35

    If this is true, it sounds “safe”, at best. At worst, it sounds like every other lazy Hollywood CGI adaptation movie that we are way WAAAAY too used to seeing these days. Like the name-copout thing? I thought we had learned our lesson with Fant4stic? Oh wait, sorry, Hollywood, what am I talking about? Pfffft, “learning”! Seriously though, I could put up with a non-fat Eggman, but not even bothering to call him that? I mean what are we supposed to call him then? Robotnik? Ivo? Throw me an egg, will ya!?

    I don’t know how much I buy this, but it also sounds a little too consistent with the few things we do know about this movie so far, so who knows? I really do hope that somehow, SOMEHOW, it ends up being better than this, and this is probably the best thing I’ve ever heard about the movie so far. And that’s a VERY low bar.

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